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Akira's POV

It all felt so surreal... it almost felt like a dream.

From seeing her again, to talking how we used to, it was unreal to me. It was something more that was in the moment. I couldn't care about the how or why. I couldn't care to process it. All that mattered was that I was with her.

The only thing grounding me to reality was the reason I was there. The letter she wrote to me. The fact that I couldn't touch her. The scenery we were in. It all made me realize that she was gone.

But I didn't want to think about that. In the moment, everything felt so natural. Like it was a normal thing. As if she never left.

It was a nice feeling...

After everything that happened yesterday, I needed to get away. I needed something to distract me. I didn't want to stay in that house. I needed to just be out in the open.

I needed time to process everything.

I went to my mother because I needed her opinions. Her advice. I was clueless on how to go on because everything seemed to change. I couldn't hold this grudge against him anymore. But I had for so many years that it became natural. A habit. But now that it was gone, it felt weird. I didn't know how to deal with it.

She gave me the guidance that I needed all of this time. The guidance that he was too selfish to give.

It felt nostalgic. The emotions held in the conversations we were having, the position we were in, the apologies, the scars, the talk of our interests, it gave me deja vu.

The letter...

The letter was a suicide note. She wrote one to each of her children. Needless to say, it made me cry. I always knew she was abused because I saw it with my own eyes. But she took it harder mentally and emotionally than physically. It always showed that it effected her, but she didn't show the extent of it.

She wrote so much. On how she didn't want to leave in such a way. On just how much she was suffering at the hands of the person I call my father. She thought of herself as weak for even thinking of resorting to such a measure. She began believing all of the bullshit my father was telling her.

She expressed all of her love and sorrow in that letter. The love and sorrow she couldn't express physically.

She was surprised that I cried. She hasn't seen me cry often, and recently, I had done more crying than in the last 12 years. It was all weird to me. The amount of love I had gotten was foreign. Even in the past, love and compassion was limited from her. It felt odd. But it wasn't uncomfortable. It was something that was needed and desired by me. But the fact that I got it was abnormal for me.

The 2 days off of school were filled with emotional turmoil, but quite frankly, it was needed. My vision is now clearer than before and is not clouded by the grudge I once held.

The 2nd day off was spent with Momo. Making sure she was healing correctly, and just overall spending time with her to make up for the week we were 'separated'. Not to mention my countless apologies in the whole day. She looked to be happy, but there was something bothering her.

She wouldn't tell me what exactly was bothering her, but it had to do something with doubt. No matter how many times I assured her she was doing well, it didn't seem to help.

Perhaps she just needs more people to boost her up. More people saying it and being genuine about it would help her tremendously.

Time seemed to pass by quickly and then next thing I knew, it was already the morning school started again.

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