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Akira's POV

I open the door to my house, a black ice knife is thrown near my head. This time, instead of dodging, I catch it between my two fingers. Right in front of my eyes.

"Where were you?" A cold voice says. I scowl at my father as he steps out of the shadows. I close the door behind me and lock it.

"That is none of your business." He glared, and I do the same.

"What was your placement?" He said it in more of a demanding tone, than a questioning one. My eyes turned cold.

"I do not have the obligation to tell you."

"You are evading it because you did not reach my expectations." I sigh aggressively. I close my eyes.

"Whether if I did or not, you wouldn't have been pleased regardless."


"What was your placement?" I feel something drip down my cheek. Blood. I glare at my father.

"Second." His eyes narrow in distaste.

"I did not train you so you could waste my time. I did it to make you the best of the best. To be Number 1." I glare at him.

"That placement wasn't the final result. I won't know my true placement until I get a letter from U.A. in a week from now." I walk past him and go upstairs to my room.

I walk into my room and go into the bathroom. I clean the cut that my father gave me, and I use my Green Aura to heal it. I then change into some comfortable clothes and sit on my bed. I set my elbows right above my knees.

The atmosphere in her house and my house has a difference that is crystal clear. The atmosphere there is more welcoming and has a comforting vibe. Here is a tense and suffocating atmosphere. What I would do to get out of this household forever. To leave this toxicity and live a somewhat normal life. But I know it'll never happen, at least not now.

I sigh and look around my room, contemplating whether I should go out to the balcony or the window. I decide on the window. I should just open the balcony to get a breeze in here. Then I could sit next to the window.

I open the balcony and fix the curtains. I then walk towards the window and sit on the window sill with one leg dangling off of it. From there I just stare at the outside. I always envy how nature can look so alive. It makes it beautiful.

I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in." I know it's my brothers since they knocked. I don't look towards the door, but instead keep admiring the view.

"Hey Akira."

"Hello Mizuki. You too Akito." They both then sit on my bed.

"How was the exam?" I grimace in remembrance of what happened a few minutes ago.

"It was fine." I suppose they heard the edge in my voice because they both straightened up.

"Akira, what did Dad do?" Both of them had prodding eyes, but I don't look towards them. I answer Akito's question.

"When I first stepped through the door, he did his normal interrogation. He wasn't pleased with my result and slapped me. He also reminded me what purpose I serve to him in this life." I say monotonously.

"What exactly did you do in the exam?" I look towards them.

"There were three parts to it. A written portion, a practical portion, and an interview. The only result we got was from the practical. The test was an obstacle race. It's pretty self explanatory, and in the end I was placed second. He didn't like that, and slapped me because I didn't meet his expectations."

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