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Akira's POV

I get my bag ready, so I can head home, but I feel a crowd of auras surrounding the classroom's door. I zip up my bag and walk towards the door with Haruki close behind me. I open the door with a straight face and bored eyes. I look around at everyone in the crowd.

Hmm... we've got some worthy opponents here, don't we?

I step back a bit so I could have more space from these people.

"Why the heck are you all here?!" Uraraka yells.

"Do you students have some sort of business with our class?" Iida asks moving his arm in a robotic motion.

"Why are you blocking our doorway? I won't let you hold us hostage!" Mineta says.

"They're scouting out the competition, idiots. We're the class that survived a real villain attack. They want to see us with their own eyes." Bakugou says while walking towards the door. I wondered when he'd say something...

He looks at the crowd.

"At least now you know what a future pro looks like. Now move it, extras." Does he really have to insult everyone he comes across?

"You can't walk around calling people extras just because you don't know who they are!" Iida yells. Uraraka and Midoriya just start to get nervous.

"So this is class 1-a? I heard you guys are impressive, but you just sound like an ass. Is everyone in the hero course delusional, or just you?" A slightly deep voice says while walking to the front of the crowd. I chuckle quietly at the insult thrown at Bakugou. Said boy's anger flares up.

"How sad to come here and find a bunch of ego-maniacs." The purple haired boy says while rubbing the back of his neck.

"I wanted to be in the hero course, but like many others here, I was forced to choose another track. Such as life." Bakugou glares at the boy.

"I didn't cut it the first time around. But I have another chance..." I raise an eyebrow, now interested in what he has to say.

"If any of us do well in the Sports Festival, the teachers can decide to transfer us to the hero course. And they'll have to transfer people out to make room." I narrow my eyes.

Are they really considering transferring people out? They are doubting us... but I can see why. This guy... even if he doesn't seem like much, I know he is powerful. His aura is weird... his quirk isn't a emitter type quirk, or a transformation type either. It must be a psychological quirk... Those are dangerous when in the wrong hands... he would be a great asset to the hero society, but of course, since the quirk isn't a physical quirk, he didn't make the cut.

"Scouting the competition? Maybe some of my peers are, but I'm here to let you know that if you don't bring your very best, I'll steal your spot right from under you. Consider this a declaration of war." I slightly smirk.

This guy is interesting... his confidence is great, and he stood his ground. Maybe he should take the place of Mineta... I'm pretty sure everyone would like that.

"Hey you!" I look in the crowd to see a guy that Kind of resembles Kirishima.

"I'm from class 1-b right next door to you! We heard you fought some villains, and I came to see if that was true! You're just a bunch of brats that think you're better than us!" He really doesn't need to yell. And just because Bakugou is an asshole, that doesn't mean everyone else is. They need to stop assuming.

"Talk all you want. It'll just be more embarrassing when you're K.O'ed!" This is getting boring... and by the looks of it, Bakugou is thinking the same thing. He starts to walk out of the classroom.

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