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Akira's POV

As I'm walking towards the Tatooin Shopping District, the atmosphere gets more ominous. The feeling of danger is faint, however, if you pay attention, you could feel it.

All I need to do is roam around the shopping district for a while, then I can leave.

I check the time and see it's 1:27 pm. I have some time to myself today, so I'll just walk around, but not make me suspicious.

Now that I think about it, I need some inspiration for my hero costume design. I should search for some things for inspiration.

After about almost two hours of looking, I didn't get much. I look at the time and it's almost 3:10 in the afternoon.
Students should be out of school right about now.

The feeling of chaos is getting more obvious in the atmosphere.
I need to spectate from higher ground.
I look around and see a tall building. I walk towards it and use my quirk to get me on the roof. I walk across the roof the sit on the edge.

As I'm about to sit down, I see some students wearing a black school uniform going into an alleyway. Why are they going into the alley? I sit down and swing my legs over the edge and watch from afar. I analyze one of the three students in particular. He has spiky ash blonde hair, his posture is a little slouched, yet tense. Something is bothering him. He has too much rage built up inside, but from what? Seems like the other two students are his friends.

Suddenly, I see something blocking my vision of the ash blonde. My eyes widen slightly, recognizing who it was. It's the sludge villain. It seems to be taking hostage of the boy, almost suffocating him. So I was correct, he planned to attack again. How did he escape All Might? I thought he was defeated? The sludge villain then starts to make its way to the street. It causes destruction in its wake, which isn't good.

The villain destroys some buildings, and some fires start. It creates black fog around the area. I look at the villain, and see the kid trying to escape. I look closer, and he's trying to use his quirk. It then clicks.

Ah, so the villain took that blonde boy because of his quirk. Now that I look closer, his quirk is an explosion quirk. It looks powerful, and the villain is taking advantage that it's not working on him. He's taking the energy the boy has from his quirk, and somehow converting it to energy for himself.

Some heroes came and are trying to stop the villain. It just pushes them to the side and keeps making threats. It said something about the boy having a powerful quirk, and he'll somehow get control of it. To take All Might down, even though I doubt it's possible. A few seconds later, Mt. Lady came, however, because of her Gigantification quirk, she couldn't get through between the buildings.

Then I see Kamui Woods. He rescued the other two students and got them to a safe place. While he was doing that, Backdraft was putting out the fire with his quirk. The villain attacks two other heroes, and once they recover, they just stand there.

They are waiting for another hero to show up, why? I know their quirks aren't very suitable for this villain, however, doing something is better than just waiting around for another hero to do the work for them. I would do something but I can't show myself. It'll cause more problems. But it's different for the heroes, they are licensed, unlike myself.

I look towards the crowd, and they look distressed. It annoys me greatly that they have to see something like this, and even go through it. Their auras are wavering, meaning that the feeling is too strong for them to handle, which is why they are distressed.

Should I try to use my quirk to help them calm down? It's not certain it will work, however, I can at least try.

I use my Green Aura, and try a new ability called Empathic Healing. It will basically make them calm down, which is what's needed at the moment. I'm not 100% sure it would work, but the slightest relaxation of their posture is enough to get the wave of safety to wash over them.

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