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Shota Aizawa's POV

Akira Kurotsuki...

That girl. She has immense power, and she knows how to control it just right, but she's hiding something. Her approaches in the assessment were creative. However, I have a feeling that she is limiting herself exceptionally, which is slightly bothering me.

Akito and Mizuki are her older brothers, and her father is Elementalist. When Akito was my student, I distinctly remember him having an elemental quirk. Mizuki had an aura manipulation quirk.

I read her file, and Nezu told me that her interview was the shortest one of all of them. Apparently, Elementalist told him most of the information that he would've asked her. Almost as if he knew her quirk better than herself.

When her brothers were here, they weren't as trained as how I saw Akira. The level of control she has over her quirk is at a very high level. It's good, a little too good. It's not my place to delve further, but I know she isn't showing her full potential. I'll keep an eye on her... something isn't right.

Shoto Todoroki's POV

That girl really is interesting.

Just earlier this morning, she seemed to be exhausted. But when she was participating in the tests, she had some of the best scores.

The ball throw... when it was her turn, the ball landed almost 3,000 meters away from the area. The force behind the hit was intense, however, it was precise.

What exactly is her quirk?

She has piqued my interest more than she should've, but I can't help but be curious. From what I have observed, she is a bit passive. She doesn't show much emotion or facial expressions. Like me.

I'll observe her a bit more, I want to see what she can do.

Akira's POV

I get back to the classroom and grab the syllabus. I walk back to my seat, thinking of what I should do with the information.

Should I help him grow? Or should I make him my rival? I am here in this school to surpass All Might, at least by orders from my father. Midoriya being so close to All Might makes him a technical "threat" to accomplish that goal. But it isn't mine, it's my father's. Yes, I want to be a top hero, but my father wants me to be Number 1 for the wrong reason. I'll just ignore the fact that he has the Number 1 Hero in his corner... I'll help him. He deserves it.

I sit back down and look out the window with my chin resting in my palm. That is, until I feel a pair of eyes on me. I look in front of me and see it was the short kid that was drooling over my legs earlier. I glare at him and he immediately looks back in front of him. I sigh in frustration and run a hand through my bangs. I then put my arms on my desk and lay my head down. As I'm about to close my eyes, the classroom door slams open. I groan, and sit up straight.


I really won't get rid of my headache today, will I?

The class period ended and now it's was lunch period. At this point, I have no patience. Present Mic was yelling the whole period, which was very annoying and obnoxious. All I want right now is to sleep. I'm really tired. I know this doesn't compare to what I used to do at home.

I would train until 2:00 in the morning(some days), sleep for a few hours, wake up, train for about 4 hours, take a shower, eat, have the next couple of hours to do the work my father gave me, eat again, continue the work, and then train for the rest of the night. The cycle repeated itself everyday. What I did at school today doesn't compare to what I used to do at my house.

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