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Shoto Todoroki's POV

"You're in my way." I glared at loud male besides me. The tension between us grew, not that I cared.

I then felt eyes on me. I looked away from the guy, and side glanced. It's the girl from earlier. I looked at her in the eyes, and she was doing the same. However, she didn't seem to notice. She was thinking of something.

I take the time to look at her eyes. Leaf green and Aqua blue. They were bright, yet dark. Dark from a darkness all too familiar. She then looked away from me, and went to the raven haired girl. I walked forward so the next set of people can get ready. While I was walking, I was looking at the silver haired girl. She looked down to the floor. She had a scowl on her face, and glared at the floor. I flinched slightly, so as to everyone else in the area.

Her glare... So cold... So full of hate...

That isn't just some ordinary glare. It's a glare that has been given to someone for years. So often that it comes natural. Just like me.

The glare she gave made the air thick, and cold. But in a moment, her eyes softened. The silver haired girl looked at the raven haired girl. She shook her head and smiled. She then took her place at the starting line. I kept my eyes on the silver haired girl, she looked a little distracted.

Something made her like this, or someone.

I shouldn't pay attention to it. Her problems are of no concern to me. Yet... why am I so curious about it? About her?

Possibly because we are similar in a way... I shouldn't get distracted. I'll think about this some other time.

However, one thought can't leave my head.

Someone did this to her... Who?

Akira's POV

Momo was done with the obstacle course, and she placed first. She walked over to me and smiled.

"Congratulations." I say monotonously. She smiles at me and nods.

"Thank you." The next few students went to the starting line and went through the obstacle course. While we were waiting for everyone to finish the obstacle course, me and Momo were talking about the upcoming interview.

"Do you think they'll bring it up?" I side glanced her and nodded. I looked forward.

"It's probably the first thing they will bring up. These interviews aren't public, at least from what I know. So I know they won't share information. However, as soon as they hear the name, they will probably give their condolences. With all due respect to my mother, I don't need their pity or sympathy. It happened 10 years ago, I don't need to be reminded of it." She looks at me and nods.

"Your right about that. Your family name was talk for a while, so it'll be natural for people to have heard of it. Especially since your mother was the Number 7 hero. But, I'm assuming they're only going to ask basic information. Nothing too personal." I nod.

Everyone is done with their practical, so now we have a 5 minute break. Me and Momo take the time to change out of our clothes, and put on our school uniforms. Now that I think about it, my father never really registered me under a particular school. He just gave me whatever, and expected me to do it. What if they ask about it? I doubt they will though. Knowing my father as the manipulative person he is, he most likely pulled some strings to make it believable I was in Momo's school.

Now that the break is over, it's on to the interviews. Present Mic explains the procedure of how it would happen. We get called by numbers in order, we enter the room, and the interview starts.

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