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Akira's POV

I'm not really paying attention to Present Mic's commentary, however, I know more of my classmates are getting past those faux villains.

It's not that the other classes aren't doing a good job, however, my class has learned not to hesitate. We fought in a villain attack where most of us were fearing the outcome of it. We experienced a day in the world of heroes first hand, and it's not always as luxurious as it seems. If we hesitated, we would've been dead. What makes this any different? It's a different scenario, but the same concept. If we want to live, we have to act and think quickly.

I reach the second obstacle and see a bunch of pillars. I look down and see that it looks bottomless, which I doubt it is. I think for a second and use my Yellow Aura to make a bow and arrow.

As the arrow separates, they leave a thin but durable string, so I wrap them around my fingers and make my bow disappear

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As the arrow separates, they leave a thin but durable string, so I wrap them around my fingers and make my bow disappear. I then jump without hesitance, and once I'm low enough, I roughly tug on the strings so I gut pulled back up to the surface. I create some kunai knives with strings attached and throw them on the pillars. I pull myself towards the pillars, and repeat this process until I'm close to the end of the obstacle.

I glance behind my shoulder to see I have a pretty good lead, but I need to keep moving forward. I get to the end of the obstacle and start running to the next one.

I still have a little more than 80% of my energy. It'll be enough to bring me through this game, but I don't know about the next one...

I increase my speed so me and Todoroki will have a bigger gap between us. I run up the stairs and continue my way to the next obstacle.

I don't want to waste my energy if I'm able to run faster on my own. And he's already done with the second obstacle now. I need to keep this distance.

I hear explosions and immediately know the Bakugou is catching up with us.

Since he's letting off explosions, and it's constant, he's probably propelling himself in the air.

With the heroes

"Those two 1-A students have a great lead from the rest."

"That girl, even though her quirk isn't exactly an emitter type, it's really powerful!"

"That's not the thing keeping her in first place though. It's her athletic endurance, and her awareness of the things surrounding her that's keeping her in the lead."

"Not to mention her concentration, but also the way she thinks and acts quickly without any hesitance. She has many qualities to be an excellent pro in the future."

"I'm not surprised though! Don't you know who her father is? It's the Evergen Hero: Elementalist! And the boy too! His father is the Flaming Hero: Endeavor!"

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