Akira Kurostuki

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Ok, so.......
I wanted to show you what I have thought of when I got the idea of Akira.

Of course, you don't see her whole body, but you get the idea of what she looks like. I was going to draw her whole body, however, I still need to work on proportions for it, so this'll have to do.

Now you get the idea of what her scars look like, where they exactly are, etc.

It took half my day drawing this, and quite frankly, I'm happy with the result.
The eyes and hair took the longest, but I think it was worth it.

She'll look like that with her gym uniform on for U.A. Basically nothing will change besides her outfit and eye color once she uses her quirk. Also the black streak in her hair.

Hope you like the drawing. I feel like it'll give more of a visual. I also hope you like the story!

Next chapter will be out tomorrow

-Aura out-

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