Character Description

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First Name: Akira
Last Name: Kurotsuki
D/O/B: 12/27/2003
Age: 16

Physical Description:
Height: 174 cm(5'8) [We need more tall ladies😁]
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs.)
Hair Color: Silver( 1 black streak in bangs)
[ The black streak changes color corresponding to the aura she uses]
Hair Length: Long ( to lower back)
Eye Color: Heterochromatic (Left eye: Leaf Green; Right Eye: Aqua Blue)
[ Both of her eyes also change color depending on the aura she uses]
-She has faint scars on her body from her training, however, she has 2 major scars; one on her right cheek, and one starting from the crook of her neck on her right side, ending right above the left side of her chest

Quirk Description:
Quirk Name: Essence
-Basically Aura Manipulation
-The user can create, shape and manipulate , the invisible etheric phenomenon/emanation produced by and surrounding a person or object.
- Aura is the energy that is formed from one's achievement of spiritual power through extreme mental focus and strong emotions. Users of this power are able to increase their natural abilities, attract and repel the aura of others, sense the aura, and project it.
-Able to control the 7 auras: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.
7 Auras:
Red- Deals with the physical nature of the body
Orange- Deals with emotions
Yellow- Deals with self-energy and willpower
Green- Deals with healing
Blue- Deals with intelligence
Indigo- Deals with mental communication
Violet- Deals with illusion awareness and obtaining a higher consciousness
- 7 Aura Abilities -


-Physical Augmentation: The user can channel their aura to increase their physical aspects.
-Bodily Attribute Augmentation: The user can use their aura to enhance specific bodily attributes of their body and their physical and mental condition to any level.
-Optimal Finesse: The user can use their aura to enhance their finesse to the highest potential.


-Empathy: The user can empathize with others for better understanding.
-Combat Perception: The user can predict the foe's movements by reading their emotional pulses.
-Emotional Consistency: The user power is dependent on certain emotions.
-Emotion Aura: The user can turn their emotions into pure aura.
-Emotion Empowerment: The more of an emotion the user feels, the stronger they become.
-Emotional Trigger: The user can activate and utilize powers based on emotions


-Aura Generation: The user is able to generate their own unique aura.
-Aura Constructs: The user can form their aura into solid constructs.
-Life-Force Blade Construction: The user is able to solidify their aura and shape it into bladed weaponry.
-Energy Duplication: The user can duplicate themselves by using their aura.
-Ergokinetic Combat : The user can channel their aura into their arms and/or legs to create power energy enhanced strikes.
-Ergo-Telekinesis: The user can use their aura to manipulate matter.
-Indomitable Will: The user possesses a strong force of will.
-Energy Conversion: The user can convert their aura into a form of energy or matter.
-Power Mixture: The user are able to mix their aura with the aura of others.


-Disease Detection: The user can use their aura to sense the pain, disease, etc, from others and themselves.
-Healing: The user can heal or regenerate themselves or another.
-Healing Aura: The user can generate a healing aura.
-Internal Bodily Cleansing: The user can cleanse the body from any foreign impurities.
-Foreign Forces Removal: The user can remove any foreign forces from their body and other's bodies as well.


-Intelligence Enhancement: The user can channel their aura to gain a higher level of enlightenment which enhances their intelligence.
-Causality Perception: The user with this aura can deduce cause and effect relations and create appropriate and effective countermeasures.

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