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Akira's POV

"Did it go well?" I look to my left to see Momo wearing a curious expression. Right now we are walking to U.A.

She's talking about yesterday... when I met my supposed 'fiancé', and his parents...

I look forward again and scowl.

"No. It was a disaster. My 'fiancé' is very annoying, and the tension between and my father had gotten worse and worse throughout the whole evening. It made thing awkward for the other family."

"Is he your fiancé? Or just a potential one?"

"Luckily, my father hasn't made any official arrangements. I think he's set on this family though, but something is delaying him from making the arrangements. Either that, or he's waiting for the right moment. But even if he does see potential in another family, he's making the guy I met yesterday cling to me regardless."

"What's his name? And what makes him annoying?"

"His name is Haruki Inarizaki. And what makes him annoying is his demeanor. He's flirty, possessive, and clingy. In the few hours I have known him, I already know that his presence is going to bother me when he gets here. He's also a bit touchy, which is not going to work for me. He wasn't even being playful, it was genuine clinginess, and it was annoying. It was like what happened 10 months ago all over again, but this time I couldn't do anything. He seems to have no problem with this 'marriage', and it made me upset."

"How did he show posession in just a few hours?"

"He was saying that I was his, and no one else's. Also setting ground rules, which were rediculous."

"Well, it's not confirmed you guys are entitled to each other yet. So don't pay it any mind for now. Did you get enough sleep last night?"

"I got more than I did the night before, but I'm still tired."

"Did you train late again?" I nod and we enter the U.A. building. We change our shoes and walk to the classroom.

"Till what time?" I open the classroom door to see Todoroki in his seat already. I look back at Momo.

"12:00 a.m." I walk to my seat, and she follows behind me.

"If I fall asleep, can you wake me up before class starts?" She looks at me, smiles, and nods. I give her a look of gratitude, and put my arms on the desk. I lay my head on my arms, and turn my head towards the window. The silence is welcoming, and I feel my eyes begin to become heavy. I close them, and succumb to the darkness.

Momo Yaoyorozu's POV

I see that Akira fell asleep, and I smile.

She looks so calm...

I hear the door to the classroom open, and see some of my classmates. I stand up and walk to them quietly.

"Hello guys! Please don't make too much noise. Akira is sleeping, and she doesn't like to be woken up by noise. And I don't want her to wake up in a bad mood like she did yesterday." I say barely above a whisper. They nod and smile. They walk to their seats quietly, and I give them a look of gratitude.

Soon enough, everyone was in the classroom. And it was quieter than yesterday.

I guess she scared them yesterday...

I walk back to my seat and wait for class to start. But about 15 minutes later, most of the class started to crowd around her desk. I tried to get them to go back to their own seats, but my attempts were futile.

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