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Akira's POV

I look over the corner slightly to look at Midoriya. I use my Orange Aura to use the ability Combat Perception. My eyes and the black streak glow a vibrant orange in the shadows. Maybe I'll be able to see through his plan.

Ah... so that's their plan. Midoriya will keep Bakugou occupied, while Uraraka retrieves the weapon. Midoriya will tell her to go find the weapon, once things here get a little too chaotic.

I press the earpiece so I can communicate with Iida.

"Iida. In a few minutes Uraraka will start moving in attempt to retrieve the weapon. I need you to stay on guard." I say quietly, and monotonously.

"Thank you for the information Kurotsuki. I'll stay on guard.What is happening there?"

"Bakugou is picking a fight with Midoriya, which in my opinion is reckless. He's using this training exercise to his advantage, meaning he is using it to hurt Midoriya. He is basing this on his own personal grudge against Midoriya. Regardless, all you need to do right now is defend the weapon. If you try to talk to him, he won't cooperate with you."

"Alright. Will do Kurotsuki."

I sigh in aggravation. This was a win for the heroes from the start. The lack of communication in the villain team is going to be the demise of them.

"Uraraka! Go!"

"Iida. Uraraka is on the move." I step out from the corner. Bakugou spots me, and I put a finger on my lips, signaling him to stay quiet. He gets the hint and focuses on Midoriya.

"Ballsy move. Think you can take me alone?" I see Midoriya using the capture tape and I go up to him and grab his shoulders. I knee him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

"My apologies." I say coldly. Bakugou takes the opportunity to strike Midoriya with an explosion.

I flip backwards to avoid the attack. I give Bakugou a look that says "keep him occupied, but don't go overboard." He scowls and glares at me, but nods. I leave the scene to find Uraraka.

I know Bakugou will be able to fend for himself. However, his anger and hatred towards Midoriya may blind him. It'll be a wake up call for Bakugou. I worry this will affect him too much...

I use my Aura Detection, and see that Uraraka Is on the floor right above me. I go up the flight of stairs and go after her. I turn a corner, so I'll appear right in front of her.

I step from around the corner with a blank face. She stops running.

I can feel her fear... she's intimidated by me... her apprehension will be her downfall...

"Your apprehension will be your demise." I rush at her and she gets startled.

My left eye turns a crimson red, and my right turns a golden yellow. I use my Red Aura to increase my physical strength using Physical Augmentation, while I use my Yellow Aura to use the ability Aura Constructs. I create some throwing knives from my aura, and get ready to throw them. I round house kick Uraraka in the stomach with my left leg, and throw the knives at her. They pin her against the wall, not quite cutting her skin, but just barely.

"Your fear is consuming you. Don't let a simple emotion get in the way of your duty. My apologies for harming you a bit too much." I state blankly. I hear explosions. I glance behind me to my left.

I guess Bakugou lost Midoriya. I can only assume Midoriya is analyzing the situation and thinking of a plan. He most likely figured out that the villain team isn't communicating.

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