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Akira's POV

Me and Momo are walking to school, in a peaceful silence. However, that was soon disrupted by some murmurs. As we walk closer and closer to the gate of the school, the murmurs become louder and louder. I look up, annoyed that the comfortable silence was no longer there.
The press... they must've found out All Might is working here... so noisy.

Me and Momo start walking through the crowd of reporters. They all turn their attention towards us and ask questions about All Might's teaching. I'm getting annoyed because they are shoving microphones in our faces and have cameras right in front of our eyes. I just push them away and start to walk through the crowd again with Momo. But then I heard something that set me off a bit. I abruptly stop.

"Isn't that the daughter of Elementalist and Spade? She hasn't appeared in the public eye since her mother's funeral." A reporter says.

They all start talking about what happened 10 years ago. I clench my jaw in anger. A reporter then comes up to me from behind.

"Ms. Kurortsuki! May I have your input on the reason your mother committed suicide?" I turn around and give the reporter a death glare. The press had gone silent from the tense atmosphere.

Before I got to say anything, Momo drags me out of the crowd. I'm glad she did. I'm sure I would've activated my quirk if I stood there longer.

"Tch. The media needs to learn how to mind their own business."

"Well, it's technically their job to get information on these sort of topics."

"But there's a line that you don't cross when asking about a topic like that. They don't respect boundaries. We gave them all of the information that we wanted to give 10 years ago and they're still trying to figure out why. It's infuriating." She nods in agreement with a solemn look.

We continue our way to the classroom in silence. I get lost in thought.

The only public appearance I made, at least the one I was recognized, was when I was attending my mothers funeral. That was when I was 6 years old. Reporters interviewed us afterwards, which was horrible. It was suffocating talking about such a traumatizing subject. It was basically rubbing salt in my wounds. It was torture...

We opened the door to the classroom to see Todoroki, Asui, and a few others. We take our seats and I zone out, looking out of the window, and resting my chin in my palm. I look down and see the press by the gates still.
Their persistence is bothersome.

More classmates flood the room, and I sense a little awkwardness. I guess from the media... I scoff. I then see a woman reporter try to walk after Mr. Aizawa, but the barrier blocks the media from entering the premises. I smirk a barely noticeable smirk and turn my gaze to the sky.

A few seconds later, I feel a familiar aura enter my vicinity. My calm expression turned to a scowl, and I sit up straighter. He isn't supposed to be here. He wasn't supposed to be here until next week. Why is he early?

Mr. Aizawa walks into the classroom with his normal uninterested expression. I look at him with the same expression.

"We have someone joining us today." He glances at me quickly before looking at the door. It opens to reveal a 5"9 1/2' male with black hair and silver tips.

He looks at me in the eyes and smirks. I narrow my eyes at him and look outside of the window again. I don't want to hear his ridiculous introduction again.

Present Mic Announcing:

Haruki Inarizaki

Quirk: Constellation

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