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Akira's POV 

I jump down from the tree branch and look around the area. We are in a forest like area, so there are trees everywhere. I look to my right, and see that there are sun rays peeking through the tree branches. In my opinion, it looked pretty, so I took a picture of it. I then went in the middle of a few trees in the area, and laid down in the grass. As I suspected, the sight was pretty, so I took another picture. I then stood up and started walking towards Momo.

"Actually, can the playing wait? I don't want to go home quite yet." She looked at me and smiled.

"We can just go to my house. I have a piano remember? After you're done playing, you can stay for a bit." I nodded and smiled slightly. 

We walked out of the forest-like area and made our way to her house(more like mansion). On the way, we made small talk, however, what she said stuck with me. I know it's my quirk, however, every time I use it, it's like all of those negative memories come crashing down on me again. He hurt and abused my mother with his quirk sometimes, and every time he did, I just so happened to see it. He damaged her mentally and physically, as well as he did me. He hurt us with it, and every time I use it, it reminds me of what he did to me and her. It's too painful to relive again.

I guess Momo noticed my spacing out because she brought me out of my thoughts.

"Are you okay?" I looked at her blankly and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm just thinking about what you said." She looked at me and nodded.

We are now in front of her gate. It opens and we step inside. While we are walking to the front door, I survey the surroundings. It always looked so clean and beautiful here. We now go inside the mansion and we take off our shoes. She brings me to where the piano is, and I ask her if it's tuned. She nods and sits next to the piano. I sit on the stool and play a few notes, thinking of what I should play.

".....What should I play?" She looks at me and suggests one of my favorite pieces.

"Chopin's Ballade No.1 in G minor." I nod, and play the first note.

[Play song now]

"Akira.... my baby.... I'm so sorry" My mother says while crying. She was helping my get cleaned up after my training session. She always helped my after the sessions. After every session, she always started crying. She saw my beaten up, bruised, scratched, scarred, and exhausted body. She hated seeing me in such a state on a daily basis. She would try to get my father to shorten my training sessions, but it never worked. In her attempts to stop it, she would get slapped, he would start yelling at her, she would start yelling back, then she gets hit again. Then I would try and step in and yell at my father for hitting my mother, then he would slap me, and then finally use his quirk on both of us to harm us. After that, he would glare at us, then leave. Once, he'd leave, my mother would start crying.

I always hated it when she'd cry. I always hated that I was part of the reason most of the time. I always hated when she was sad. Her eyes, so filled with depression. I knew she was tired of this always happening. I knew she was mentally exhausted. She was in pain, and I could tell. I knew she felt empty, pain shrouded her heart. I wish she would've shown me that happy shine in her eyes one more time. I always wanted the sadness and pain to evaporate from her. I wanted to see the true beauty she held when she was truly happy. I didn't want that pain and sadness to taint her beautiful face. I always longed for her to smile. However, when she looked at me, she was always sad. It all began once I developed my quirk. I could tell that she wasn't very happy before I was born, but she was able to smile a genuine smile. Now, she can't at all. 

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