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The story of a girl who has been through hell and back. She is the product of a quirk marriage between her father, the Number 5 Hero: Elementalist, and her mother, the Number 7 Hero: Spade. The two heroes' relationship has been nothing more than toxic. Every other instant, she was abused, and yelled at, however, when she was pregnant, she was treated with the upmost care, respect, and love. However, the first two children born didn't meet his standards and expectations. Neither of them developed both of their parents' quirks. He wasn't pleased with that.

He tried one more time to make the perfect child. And thus, Akira Kurotsuki was born. At the age of 4, she had developed both her father's and mother's quirk, however, the process was dangerous, almost fatal. However, her father was beyond pleased with the fact that she had both of their quirks. He wanted to start her training as fast as possible. He already had a whole training schedule and regiment ready for her. He wasn't going to hold back on her training, he wanted her to be the best of the best.

Ever since then, Akira's life had been in a downward spiral. Her training was like standing on Death's doorstep, and many more negative and traumatic memories made their way into her mind. The household's atmosphere is almost suffocating, and the air is tense. There was resentment and hatred in the air, along with fear and depression. The family relationship was long gone.

As she starts preparing for high school, her father put in a recommendation for her at the most prestigious high school, U.A High. As the year starts, things start to become more and more dangerous and chaotic. As the days go by, she starts to open up the slightest bit to her classmates. She wouldn't admit it, but her classmates have begun to melt her ice cold heart, even if it was the smallest bit. She begins to get somewhat comfortable with her class, and she meets a certain heterochromatic-eyed boy. They both are somewhat comfortable with each other, but still hold secrets.

What will happen when the boy starts to slowly, but surely, fall in love with her? Read and join them on their journey of recovery, acceptance, to become a hero, and last, but certainly not least, love.

-Swearing(*cough* Bakugou *cough*)

- I do not promote or condone the actions of abuse or suicide
-I am open to any criticism to make this story better and more enjoyable
-I do not own any characters other than my own

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