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Akira's POV

All Might walks forward and throws his blazer on the floor.

"I couldn't shake the feeling that something had gone wrong when Aizawa and Thirteen hadn't answered my calls. So I hurried over, running into Young Iida along the way. He told me of the villainy at work here." All Might grits his teeth in anger.

He rips off his tie.
"Have no fear, students. Because I Am Here."

"HE'S HERE! WE'RE SAVED!" Miners exclaims with tears in his eyes.


"He's here... All Might..." Midoriya says.

"After all this waiting. The heroic piece of trash shows up." Shigaraki says.

I attempt to stand up completely, but I'm unable to.
That kick did some damage... it probably fractured my spine. Damn... and I can't heal myself either.

I look around and see that the villains are a bit intimidated by All Might's presence.
Didn't they want him here in the first place? Now they are intimidated when he actually appears...

All Might just zooms past them and knocks them out. He grabs me and Mr. Aizawa in the process. His speed is incredible...

"I'm sorry Aizawa, Young Kurotsuki... I should've been here..."

"It's not your fault All Might. All of us were being reckless. And even with your limited time, you still came. I healed Aizawa to the best of my ability, but I'm sure it wasn't enough." I say quietly. All Might nods. He sets me down gently and goes to grab Midoriya, Asui, and Mineta.

He sets them down next to me, and I grab our teacher from All Might's grip.
"Everybody back to the entrance, and take Aizawa with you. He doesn't have much time."

"Yes sir!" Mineta says.

"Ribbit." Asui says.

I give Mr. Aizawa to them. Midoriya sees my struggling to stand, so he takes it upon himself to support me up. I look at him.

"Thank you Midoriya." He nods and looks towards All Might.

"You saved us All Might..."

"...No,No,No... It wasn't supposed to go this way..." Shigaraki says walking the hand that fell on the floor. [The one that covers his face]

"He's still fast, Father... somehow, he managed to hit me. Of course, the government hero relies on violence. I wasn't prepared... I couldn't even see him when he moved... but he's not as fast as I thought he would be... Not as fast as he used to be." He says darkly.

"I guess it's true after all..." he looks at All Might with crazed eyes.

"All Might really is getting weaker." He says while smiling maniacally. Midoriya puts my right arm around his shoulders. I tense in pain.

My arm is resting on his shoulders... right where the black veins are...

Midoriya seems to notice, and he looks at me concerned. I just shake my head and keep a straight face to dismiss his worry. He puts his left hand on my lower back to keep me steady. He looks towards All Might.

"All Might you can't. That brain villain took One for-" Before he's able to finish that statement, I stomp on his foot. He hides his pained expression.

"I 'smashed' him and didn't break my arm this time. But he wasn't phased at all! He's too strong!" All Might just puts his hand out to stop Midoriya.

"Young Midoriya!" All Might turns around to face him and does a peace sign.

"I got this!" He says with confidence. Midoriya looks to the floor for a second and then looks up at me. I nod.

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