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Akira's POV

"The only real heroes I see are Thirteen and Eraserhead. Perplexing. According to the schedule  we retrieved from U.A, All Might should be here as well." The black mist says. He must've been the other aura inside the school. His aura is faint, and he doesn't have a physical body.

"I knew it. They used the press as a cover up to enter the main campus... But that was only a few hours prior, how did they gather this many people?" I mumbled the last part.

"Where is he? Going through the trouble of bringing so many friends who were eager to meet him, they want All Might. The great Symbol of Peace. I can't believe he's not here. Maybe if I kill a few kids, he'll come out to play." I narrow my eyes at the blue haired man. Mr. Aizawa activates his quirk.

I feel the fear and apprehension of my classmates. They may be annoying, but it pains me to see them afraid... I can't calm them down though... they need to face their fear head on without my help.

"What? Real villains? No way. How can so many of them get into a U.A facility this secure?" Kirishima asks while the villains are coming closer.

"Yeah, Thirteen. Why aren't the alarms going off?" Momo asks.

"Good question. I'm not sure..."  I stand up from my crouching position, and turn towards my classmates.

"Is the entire campus under attack? Or is this their only target? Either way, if the alarm censors aren't being triggered, then one of these villains must have a quirk that's masking their presence here. They carefully chose this isolated facility as an entry point at a time where a class was being taught. They're fools for trespassing here, but they've thought this out. Whatever their plan, they must have a concrete objective in mind. But what is it?" Todoroki says. They want All Might. They're here to take him down.

"Thirteen. Get them out of here. And alert the main campus. Actually, if they've got the ability to block our censors, then they might be jamming our regular communications too. Kaminari. Try using your quirk to contact the school. You too Kurotsuki." Mr. Aizawa says.

"I won't be able to reach them. We are too far away from the main campus. My telepathy won't reach. They jammed the system as you said, Mr. Aizawa. The only thing Kaminari will hear is static. We won't be able to get any connections unless we somehow un-jam the system." I say.

"What are you going to do? You can't fight them on your own! There's too many of them. Even if you can nullify their quirks, your fighting style's not suited for this. Your power works best in stealth and 1 vs. 1 fights. That's not going to help with a group." Midoriya states.

"You can't be a pro if you only have one trick." That's true...

"I'll leave it to you, Thirteen." He then jumps down thee stairs towards the villains.

I know I should put trust and faith into my teacher, but I can't help but be a bit worried for him. Midoriya was correct about his fighting style, but he's a pro. He should be fine. But he won't come out of this unscathed, that's for sure.

"He is strong, and since he's hiding behind those goggles, you can't tell who's quirk he's erasing. He's making it hard for us to work together or rely on each others powers. How annoying... the worst thing about dealing with pro's is when they live up to all their hype." The blue haired Villain says.

I turn around feeling everyone go towards the exit. I see Midoriya staring at Eraserhead's fight. I start to jog to the exit, and hook my right arm with his left one.

"This is no time for analyzing right now Midoriya. We have to leave." I say to him seriously. He starts to run up to the rest of the group and I unhook my arm from his. Suddenly, I feel a presence start to appear before us. My eyes widen and I activate my quirk. My eyes and the black streak in my hair turn Indigo, and I use my Psionics ability to stop everyone's movements.

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