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Akira's POV

*knock knock knock*

I groan, not wanting to wake up, but get out of bed to open the door. I open it and see my two brothers. I raise an eyebrow and let them in. I sit on my bed, Akito sits in my desk chair, and Mizuki sits on the end of my bed.

"You're not hurt, right?" Akito asks. I shake my head 'no'.

"Dad wants to talk to you. He's in the study right now. We will be on the other side of the door if anything goes south." Mizuki says. I nod, and they leave my room. I wash up and head to the study.

I sigh in irritation.
I know this routine all too well...

I knock on the door. I hear a "come in" and I do so. I see my father standing in the middle of the room. He's upset... I close the door behind me and he looks at me dead in the eyes.

"You allowed yourself to get injured, Akira. You lost concentration. That was a fatal mistake."

Does he really have to point it out? I know what I did was a mistake. I can't take it back because it has already been done. Why doesn't he just get over it. That happened yesterday... he always has to do this. He makes me remember, and makes me feel like I can't do anything right. He always has to find something to talk about...

"Is that all you wanted to talk about? Do you really have to point it out?" I say monotonously. He glares at me and I glare back.

"You need to realize how much disappointment and shame you bring upon this family's name."

"Well maybe if you knew the whole story, then you would know why I brought upon this 'shame' upon our family."

"I don't need excuses. Your incompetence is shameful."

"Did you really think that I would get out without injury? It was a villain attack. There was no way we would leave without a few injuries. I got hurt because I was not only fighting with that creature, but also trying to save someone in the process. I was able to get them away before they got hurt. I saved someone. I don't care if I got hurt in the end. My body healed it before it got too severe. They didn't have that luxury, so I took the hit for them. You call that incompetence?" I glare at him.

"If you were more careful and aware of your surroundings, then you wouldn't have gotten hurt at all."

"You can't tell me what I could've and should've done because you weren't there. You have no idea what happened. What you heard from the media is not the whole story. You can't just assume the villains were weak. They were fools, but they planned everything out. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not the only one who got injured. All of my classmates didn't get out unscathed. If you thought that all of the villains were weak, then you are underestimating them. You told me not to underestimate the enemy, yet, you're doing that exact thing right now. Very hypocritical."


"I told you I didn't need excuses. Stop trying to justify your mistakes. They were made, and there's no way to take them back. You need to realize what you did wrong and fix it so if there is another attack, you will be prepared." I glare at him.

"If they were made, and can't be taken back, then why don't you just get over it?" I ask in annoyance.

"You need to be aware of your careless actions, and the consequences they bring." He glares.

"The only consequences you are truly worried about is what it would do to your reputation." I say in hatred. He releases his aura's energy to intimidate me, but I stay unfazed.

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