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Okay so this isn't a chapter, but a rant that no one asked for.

First off, I'm sorry I have posted for like the past 2 weeks or however many days it's been, but this school is really unorganized.

So I graduate this year, and not until recently the staff started to do something about it.

Basically, they gave no information about how the graduation is gonna function until a few weeks ago. We found out it's gonna be a drive-thru graduation(which in my opinion, feels like it's going to go wrong), but something is better than nothing.

So the reason I have been so busy with school work is because they change the deadline of grades without the teachers' knowledge, so they have been assigning more work so they can get those grades in.

And also, I was planning to write a chapter last weekend, but last Friday, I found out I was one of the people that was awarded valedictorian(which I was very excited about).

I was supposed to find on Thursday when I was able to log offline, but I had to leave early due to getting my COVID vaccine. And then on Friday, I didn't log in at all because I felt really bad and sore. So Friday was like a relax day for me.

However, I didn't find out until the end of the day when my mom got out of work. The assistant principal for my grade told her that I needed to have my speech emailed to her by Sunday. So I only had 2 days to work on it.

In all honesty, the speech didn't even have to be that long. The speech was only supposed to be at max 45 seconds. And I was like
"What speech is only 45 seconds long?"

"Is that even considered a speech?"

Like that's only saying max 2 sentences then saying"peace. I'm out."

Me being the person I am, I write a lot, which shouldn't have been a problem for me to write a few sentences and then submitting it. But when I tell you this speech was hard to write, I mean it was no joke really difficult.

Valedictorian speeches are usually saying thanks to certain people or staff, and the speakers overall experience in their years of attending the school. But it was really hard to write something good about my experience there because I don't really like the school. Well, the district period.

They always tell everyone whatever's happening last minute, and it gets on my nerves. But I ended up just saying to my family, friends, and teachers because they helped me throughout the years. I actually liked the teachers I had while attending the school. Well at least most of them. They were cool.

So yesterday, I had to go to the district office and record my 45 second speech which was a waste of time. But in my opinion, it was better than saying it in front of hundreds of people. I'm not really good with public speaking.


Scratch that.

I'm not good with talking with people period.

I guess it's trust issues, or just shyness, but I don't do good with strangers. I either leave the area or just stay silent.

But anyway, the pandemic really deteriorated the little amount of social skills I had, not gonna lie. But whatever. Anyway, so I recorded my speech, got my cap and gown, and instructions for the graduation.

And in my opinion, it's gonna be a disaster. They expect to get through 160 graduates in 1 hour and 45 minutes, or 2 hours. And depending whether everyone ends up arriving on time, it won't go smoothly either way. I feel like they'll rush everything.

But, there's nothing we can really do about it, I guess. But yeah. That's basically the reason I've been so busy and why I haven't uploaded.

Tomorrow I have half a day, so I get out early. If I have the time, I'll start writing the next chapter, but I can't guarantee it'll be uploaded tomorrow. I'll try tho.

Well thank you to the people that read this, because honestly, no one has to read this. I just wanted to say all of this and talk trash about my school because I couldn't do it at the actual school like I had planned to. I also just wanted to upload something so nobody thinks this is gonna be a discontinued story or whatever.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

-Aura out-

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