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Akira's POV

As I reach my room, I see that it's 8:30 am. I contemplate whether I should go out, or sleep.

"Should I go out? Or take a nap and rest my body from training?"


"I'll just go out, I need to get out of this house anyway."

I text Momo to ask her if she wants to go out today. She'll most likely find it surprising since she always has to initiate hang-outs. However, I need to get out of this house and get some fresh air.

Momo: Of course! I'd love too, we haven't hung out in a while. When and where do you want to go?

Akira: Okay thank you. I'm about to get ready now so in about 30 minutes we can meet up somewhere, and we'll go on from there. Let's meet up at the cafe we went to last time.

Momo: Okay sounds like a plan.

After she sent that, I started getting ready. I went in my bathroom and start running the water to get it warm. I take off my shirt, and see all of the bruises I got from today and past training sessions. None of the scars are as deep as the one on my cheek and collarbone, however, they are still visible. The bruises are dark, almost purple. The ones on my stomach are the worst, the ones on my arms are smaller, but once time goes by, they'll hurt more. I always hated how my father puts so much physical strain on my body, but whatever I say goes over his head, and he continues to push me.

Once I get in the shower, the water immediately eases my tense nerves. Of course, the water burns a little, however, it feels nice. The small cuts I have started to burn a little when I start washing my body, but it's not anything unbearable, or something that I'm not used to. I start to wash my hair, now that I think about it it's really long. It's almost knee length now.

I should cut it a little, maybe to my waist? Or shorter than that? It doesn't really matter, it'll grow fast anyways. I'll probably just cut it so it's waist length.

Now, you see... I don't want to cut it too short. Because 1) I like my long hair, and 2) it reminds me of my mother. She had long silver hair, and to me it always looked beautiful. It was one of the things I promised her I'd do. I promised her that I'd grow out my hair, just like she did. So I don't want to cut it to shoulder length just yet. Maybe later, but right now, I want to enjoy my long hair.

If I'm being completely honest, it is a hassle to deal with long hair, but it always look so pretty. I mean having this much hair is a hassle to style, but I like the way long hair flows in the wind.

I finally get out of the shower and blow dry my hair. I don't style it or do anything special with it because I want to cut it, so once I'm done blow drying, I start putting on my clothes.
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I put on my shirt and heal my arms and stomach so the bruises aren't noticeable. I tie the green jacket around my waist so the bruises won't show. Even though I healed them, they are still noticeable because it was such a heavy hit. So I just hide it with my jacket. I'm not really a girl for makeup so I don't put any on, I just put on a little bit of perfume. I check the time and it's 8:50.

I go downstairs and tell my brothers that I'm going out with Momo today and put on my shoes. I give them both a hug, and leave the house. As I'm walking towards the cafe, I can't help but admire the scenery. It's always so bright during the day, which always shows nature's true beauty. And during the night, the moonlight illuminates everything, which makes it even more beautiful. Watching a sunrise or sunset, and even stargazing was always the best here, it's something I love to do in my free time.

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