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Akira's POV

"I didn't think this confrontation would happen until later in the contest." Tokoyami says.

"The game is only halfway over. We can't stop. Don't let them intimidate you." I say monotonously.

"Now Iida. Forward."

"Right!" I narrow my eyes at the team in front of me.

"Yaoyorozu. Be ready to protect us." As Todoroki says that, she starts creating a pole, and an insulation blanket.

Ah... shes making the blanket so when Kaminari uses his quirk, it won't immobilize the others in his team. Good plan, but you should've been quicker...

"Tokoyami. I need you to deactivate Dark Shadow." He looks at me confused but trusts my judgement.

"I need you three to stay still." They nod. As Kaminari is about to let out his 1.3 million volt shock, I activate my Yellow Aura and generate an aura that will absorb Kaminari's lightning and convert it to energy for myself.

This way, since Dark Shadow is at bay, the light from the electricity will not affect him. Since the aura will absorb the electricity, it will protect my team from being electrocuted.

"Hope you made something strong Yaoyorozu!" Kaminari says with a smirk. I just tilt my head, waiting.

"Indiscriminate Shock! 1.3 million volts!" Before the shock reaches us, I snap my fingers and the aura takes it's place in front of us.

3 million volts!" Before the shock reaches us, I snap my fingers and the aura takes it's place in front of us

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Everyone else in the area get's shocked, which immobilizes them. Before I tell the aura to go and convert the electricity to energy, I tell it to quickly grab a headband from a team that got electrocuted. It does so and brings it to me. I wrap it around my neck and snap my fingers, signalling the aura to convert the electricity to energy, but not leave yet.

While this happens, Todoroki freezes the immobilized teams and takes headbands from one of the 1-b groups. He takes the time to freeze the surrounding area around us as well, trapping us. The team comes closer and closer, and my eyes turn a deep royal blue.

"Tokoyami. Send Dark Shadow towards them." He nods.

[I forgot to mention this in the previous chapter, but Akira is using telepathy to communicate with her team so it doesn't reveal their motives. The italics in the quotations is the telepathy]

He releases Dark Shadow and sends him towards the team, while I send my aura towards them at the same time. Momo creates something to block both the shadow and the aura, but it wasn't as stable as I expected it to be. And I think she noticed that too, judging from the look on her face.

As I suspected before, she doesn't work well under pressure... she gets overwhelmed. And if her spur of the moment creations do work, they aren't stabilized and balanced enough since they are made in such a tight time frame... I could work with that...

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