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Akira's POV

I enter my waiting room and take my phone out of my pocket. I decide to call Haruki to possibly give some assurance to my brothers. I click on his contact and press the 'call' button. While the phone rings, I walk around the room.

I wonder what happened...

After about 30 seconds, the line went dead. I furrow my eyebrows and look at my phone. I look at the screen and it says 'Call Failed'. I call him again and wait for him to answer.

However, this time the call went to voicemail. I sigh.

I guess I should try later, or wait for him to call back.

I then hear the crowd cheering.

Iida's match must be starting.

I put my phone away and start to think about the match.

The outcome of this match is obvious. Although Shiozaki's vines are fast, Iida is quicker. Iida will most likely have to use his new move in the beginning. If he does, he'll have a better chance at avoiding Shiozaki's vines.

A few seconds go by and I hear Midnight say:
"Shiozaki is out! Iida wins the match!" That quickly? Impressive.

I stand up and exit the room. I head to the tunnel and wait for my cue to enter the arena. The fire in the four corners of the ring light up, and I take that as the cue to exit the tunnel.

"ALRIGHT! LET'S KEEP THIS MOMENTUM GOING! For this next match, we have the girl with a killer punch and toxic acid! IT'S MINA ASHIDO FROM THE HERO COURSE! Versus... the early front runner that left the crowd speechless in her previous match! FROM THE SAME CLASS, CLASS 1-A'S AKIRA KUROTSUKI!" The crowd starts to cheer loudly.

"BEGIN!" Midnight says.

I waste no time and charge at her. She get's startled and starts throwing acid towards me. However, I just dodge it while advancing because it's not precisely targeted.

Once I get close enough, I grab her right wrist tightly and pull her towards me. I elbow her stomach and she coughs a bit, getting the wind knocked out of her. After a few seconds, she regains her composure. I raise an eyebrow.

She recovered quickly.

She then charges at me with a slight smirk.

"So, you want hand to hand combat without quirks, Tsuki?" She goes to punch me, but I grab her fist before it got close to my face. I nod.

"I've always wanted to test your physical strength. Your pain tolerance must also be on a rather high level since you recovered so quickly." I send a punch to her stomach easily and she steps back out of my grip.

"However... what I'm more curious about is your defense. Let's see if you can keep up." As soon as I'm done saying that, I go on the offense and send attacks without rest.

From punches to kicks, everything. She blocks a few of them and attempts to send some attacks of her own, however, I'm too quick. After a few seconds of my nonstop attacks, she gets close to the boundary.

She aims a punch at me, but before it can land, I grab her wrist and kick her back. However, she didn't go out of bounds. I sigh.

"Let's end this, shall we?" I ask her. I don't wait for an answer and push her out of bounds.

Midnight's whip cracks.

"Ashido is out of bounds! Kurotsuki will advance!"

The crowd starts to go wild but I don't pay any mind to it. I hold my hand out to Ashido so I can help her stand. She takes it and I pull her up.

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