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Shigure Kurotsuki's POV

She always resembled her mother...

Throughout the years, Akira's left eye had a striking resemblance to her mother. When I would look at Akira, I would see her mother, and I grew to hate it. I would look at her in the eyes and solely focus on her aqua blue eye.

Every time I would look at it, I would see the same hatred and resentment I saw in her mother's eyes, right before she stabbed her own heart.

Ever since her mother died, the similarities between her and her mother's appearance has gotten more prominent, a little too much for my liking.

She has been haunting me ever since the incident. The resemblance between her and Akira was too much for me. When her mother committed suicide, everything came crashing down. I was too selfish and stubborn to accept the guilt and regret for abusing her in such a way. And as the years went on the feeling became stronger.

I wasn't angry at her mother, not at all. I was more so angry at myself for driving her to such a mindset. I displayed and released my anger onto Akira when I should never have. I was blinded from the fact that I wanted power, and I used that as an excuse to project my anger onto her. I didn't care about anything else... I wanted a child that was powerful, and I finally had that. And I took advantage of what happened when she developed her quirk. Since she needed immediate training, I started to shape her into the perfect hero.

Since I had done that, the resentment Akira had for me grew, and it was obvious. It would show in the expressions she gave me and in her eyes as clear as day. As I started to compare the two, it started to haunt me more and more. Since it did, my anger increased and I started projecting that onto Akira as well.

My only focus at the time was to make Akira into the perfect hero. I was blinded by the want for power. Anything that got in the way would be pushed to the side. But this whole routine is what started Akira's rebellion against me.

She started retaliating and disobeying me, and it got me upset. Everything she would do, whether it would be talking back or simply ignoring me, it always reminded me of her mother. I wanted to try and forget her so I wouldn't have to come to terms with my mistakes and accept my guilt and regret, but I couldn't. She wasn't letting me.

When Akira walked away from me, I knew it would be the last time. She wouldn't let me control her anymore. She found a new motivation to live. And now that she has, she has the strength and courage to take control. I knew in that moment that she was confident and ready. She isn't going to allow me to pull her strings anymore.

There won't be a point in starting meaningless fights with her anymore. She has come to terms with everything, and it's time I have too.

My projections of anger were unnecessary and pointless. Although me stopping these releases of anger won't change the hatred she has for me, it'll at least change the atmosphere a bit.

I'll train her, not for my purposes, but to help her increase her strength and power, as a hero would do. She won't let me walk over her, and I won't try to.

All I can do now is give her the help and guidance she needs to be a hero when she needs it.

Akira's POV

Me and Todoroki walk past one of the tunnels, and see Cementoss fixing the fighting ring.

"You created a lot of cracks on the ring, huh?" Todoroki says. I rub the back of my neck awkwardly.

"I guess I did... I didn't really notice how much damage I caused until now." He chuckles a bit.


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