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Akira's POV

As I'm walking home from Momo's house, I look at the sky. I see the sun setting, which in my opinion, was beautiful. I always liked the evening more than the day. I like witnessing the sunset. The colors of the sky always look so warm then, it makes me feel safe. The night has always been my favorite time of day.

I continue walking towards the direction of my own home, somewhat dreading what my father has to tell me. He always does this, and it annoys me to me core. I was never one for surprises, especially from him. It starts to get a little cold since the sun is setting. I untie the jacket from around my waist and put it on. I glance up at the sky and see the sky is now mostly a deep shade of purple. I find it pretty, and glance at the sky behind me. I see the moon rising. I always liked the moon. It reminds me of the times I would stargaze with my mother.

I look forward so I would be able to cross the street. Once I do so I continue my way towards my house.

Timeskip: At the front door

I grab the house key from my jacket pocket and open the door with a straight face.

"I'm home." Akito comes towards me from the living room and stands in front of me.

"Dad's in the study. He wants you in there to talk." I just look at him blankly and nod. As I start to walk past him, he grabs my hand. I glance back at him. His face is showing worry.

"Please be careful, he looked slightly more angry than usual. I'll be in the living room if you need me." I just nod, not saying anything. He sighs, and let go of my hand.

I walk towards the study, and knock on the door. He says "come in" and I do so. Once I open the door, he sends an ice shard toward me. I narrowly dodge it, not expecting him to do that. I look at him, and he has a dark, menacing aura around him. I glare at him.

"What?" I ask in a cold tone. He glared at me and motions me to come in. I step in.

"What do you mean what? I saw what happened today. It's all over the media. What was that?" He was glaring at me in anger. I was slightly shocked that the incident had already got around that fast. But it was bound to happen.

I thought about his words again, and his reasoning for being angry pissed me off. He was angry because I could've ruined his reputation. After all of that, he wasn't worried about me at all. More so his reputation. I could care less about his reputation. The people that saw the fight from the very beginning would've seen that I was protecting my friend an I from guys that could potentially rape us. And it is most likely the people shooting videos put captions and context. Maybe if he would pay attention to them, then he would get the story. But no, he's too self absorbed to try and comprehend it.

Even though I hate this man in front of with all of my heart, it still hurts. Under all of this resentment is hurt and pain. It hurts to know he doesn't care about us at all. To him, his children are pawns on his chessboard. He's just waiting for everything to be in place. We are nothing more than tools in his eyes, and it hurts. We never meant anything to him. He's too selfish to care. It hurts to know that we are only a secondary concern to him. Hell, he isn't concerned about us at all. As long as I'm alive, he could care less what happens to me. All he needs me for is to accomplish his goal. I'm nothing more than his tool.

At this moment, I glare at him in hatred. Only anger and resentment is visible in my eyes.

"I was protecting Yaoyorozu and myself from potential rapists. Did you think I was going to let two 18 year old boys touch us inappropriately in public and not do anything about it? You're lucky I did that because if I just let her get touched like that it would ruin your relationship with them." I said in a calm voice, but you could hear the underlying anger in it. He continued to glare at me.

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