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A slap so hard that had made the Kurotsuki household go dead silent.

Life like this in the household was completely normal. From the yelling, to the screams, to the crying, to the hits, it was all normal.

However, this particular night was one of the most haunting for Akira. She had been in front of her parents while they were fighting. She doesn't even know how long the yelling has lasted for, however, it felt like hours.

The two parents were fighting because her mother was watching one of her training sessions with her father. Before he got even more physically abusive and cruel with the training, she decided to step in.

Akira's mother couldn't stand the sight of her very own daughter looking so vulnerable, exhausted, pained, and fearful. She hated the fact that she had to see her daughter so bruised and scarred. She hated the fact that most of the time she couldn't do anything about it. She was her mother, yet, she couldn't face her husband and make him stop by force.

She had taken so much physical and mental abuse from her husband. She would even admit that she was starting to loose sanity. Every time she would look into her daughters eyes, she would see all of the pain she is in. That only added to her guilt.

Her green eye. The same green eye her father has. Akira's mother couldn't help but compare the two eyes every time she thought of them. Oh, how they looked so similar. She hated that.

The eyes that used to be filled happiness, are now dull and filled with pain and fear.

Her mother had always felt confined in this "marriage". She always wanted to be free from her husband's chains. There was only one way she could think of. A way to set herself free without getting in anymore trouble with her husband.

Akira had been right in from of them, hearing everything they had said. She wanted to stop the fight, but she knew that would only bring more problems. Her father was getting angrier by the moment, and once he has had enough of his "wife's" yelling, he slapped her. The sound alarmed the two brothers, and they made their way to the basement.

He started yelling at her mother. Degrading her. Saying that she is useless, nothing. Once he said that, something inside her mother snapped.

She grabbed the sharpest object near her, which was a knife her husband has made from his quirk, and looked at her daughter. She looked at her green eye; she saw her "husband's" eyes.

She slashed her daughters cheek and neck in swift, fast motions. A few seconds pass and everything is chaotic. Her mother is now crying in pain, grief, and guilt. She was tired of getting yelled at, being told she was useless, being abused. She had enough. She was going to end it then and there.

She didn't want to leave. Her children were the only people that made her want to keep going. She wanted to stay long enough to see them grow up. She didn't want to leave and miss all of the memories of their accomplishments. She wanted to stay and have them be happy too. But this was the only open chance she had on being free.

With that said, she did it. She pierced the knife right through her chest. Right through the heart. And all of the family had witnessed it. Akira was not only crying from physical pain, but now mental pain and depression. Her two brothers were shocked to their cores and shed a few tears themselves. The father was beyond shocked that she did such a thing.

The eldest son ran upstairs to get a phone and call 911. They came as soon as the could, the the whole family knew that she was gone.

6 year old Akira was not skilled enough in her healing quirk to heal her mother, and she hated it. However, even if she had been, she wouldn't have been able to save her. She blamed her father for her mother's suicide, but also herself.

If she had worked harder, then maybe she didn't have to step in and stop the training session. Maybe she would still be here.


Ever since the funeral, Akira had been devoid of any emotion besides hate, anger, and resentment. All towards her father. As the years went by, her training had been harsher. However, even if she wouldn't admit it, the training helps her, despite passing out almost at the end of every session. Not only had she been training her quirk, but also her close combat abilities.

Along the years of training, her father introduced her to the Yaoyorozu family. She was told to train with their daughter, Momo Yaoyorozu. Ever since they started training, they had become close. However, it did take Momo quite some time to get Akira to open up to her. She was happy with the fact that she did, even if it was hard for her. She was glad Akira considered her a friend and trusted her enough to open up to her.

Akira had been homeschooled her whole life since her training schedule was so rigorous. However, when she was told by her father that she needed to start preparing for her entrance exam at U.A., she was somewhat shocked. She found out later that she was put in by recommendation, so she needed to train slightly more than usual. She also found out that Momo had been entered through recommendation as well, so that was a plus for Akira. At least she would be going with someone she knew.

Akira was, of course, upset with the fact that she had to train more, however, she was somewhat happy that she gets to go to U.A and train to be a hero. It gives her some hours away from her father.

She couldn't wait to start the school year, and get away from that hell hole she calls a home.

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