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The sunlight shined through Akira's curtains for her windows, indicating it is already morning.

Of course, she wasn't having it. She stood up until 2 in the morning training with her father. Truth be told, she was exhausted. She had to wake up at 5 in the morning for a little morning session before school, and quite frankly, she didn't want to do it. She put the pillow over her head to shun the light out, and it worked. She was starting to fall asleep again until...


A loud slam was heard throughout the room, and following it was a groan of frustration. Akira Kurotsuki was then forced awake.

Akira's POV

Why the hell is it so sunny? It's only 5:00 in the morning. I hate Monday's... no.... mornings in general.

I shield my eyes from the light and rub them. I sit up slowly, not wanting to get out of bed. I then get up and go towards my bathroom. I wash up and get ready for my morning training session. The good thing is, is that I will only have to do so for about an hour and a half. But, my father will make me do something nearly impossible, which will just make it difficult.

 But, my father will make me do something nearly impossible, which will just make it difficult

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I get dressed and head downstairs. My father was already awaiting my arrival, so he stood up.

"I'm surprised I didn't have to come get you."


"Start stretching. We have very limited time, you can't afford to waste time." I glare at him, and start stretching.

We focused more on quirk training because we were testing something. Over the past few days, we did more physical training than quirk training. My quirk uses the energy my body produces from the food I eat. Since it uses that energy and those fat cells, my metabolism is high. I needed to gain a few pounds so I can have a greater amount of energy, and then we'll see how my quirk is once I use it. And so far, it is much stronger than it has been the last few years. But of course, this amount of energy will decrease while I use my quirk. I would just need to eat larger portions so I'll have energy for my quirk to use. Especially for training at home, since I train for hours on end, I'll need to eat bigger portions.

For the next hour and a half, we were training, and I was exhausted.
Why is it that the training is more intense when we have limited time, rather than having hours to train?
I sigh in frustration and go to my room. I want nothing more than to sleep but today is the first day at U.A. and it starts at 8:30. I have about an hour and 15 minutes to get ready. I want to go early so no one would bother me until people start flooding the class.

Maybe if I go early, I'll have some time to relax.

I take a shower in warm water, which was relaxing.
I'm really tired...
Once I'm done, I step out of the shower. I dry myself and my hair, and start to brush and blow dry it. After I was done, I got dressed. In my opinion, the uniform skirt was a little too short for my liking. I put on thigh high socks so they'll cover most of my legs. I move onto my hair again. I straighten it a bit so it wouldn't be as frizzy since I blow dried it. Once I was done with that, I put on my blazer and got my bag ready.

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