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Shoto Todoroki's POV

I walk to my waiting room.

She never ceases to amaze me.

She didn't hesitate to use her elements. And I'm envious of that. I know she didn't forget what happened to her, but she pushed past that and didn't let that hold her back anymore.

Her performance was more eye catching though.

Aside from her using her elements, her offense and defense against Bakugou was astonishing. Although she made some mistakes, humorously enough, I think they humanize her.

She was raised to be 'perfect', just as I was. From the time I've seen her, she hasn't made many mistakes. And if she did, she quickly fixed it. But to see her make little mistakes knowing that she rarely makes them is refreshing. It shows that she isn't some tool that people can easily use and control.

When Bakugou was pinning her down on the floor and had his hand around her neck, I was surprised. Once she got him off of her, she rubbed her neck. I also saw that once the match was done, she had a bruise where Bakugou's hand was.

Did he have to grip her throat that harshly?

It also annoyed me when she ruffled his hair. She does that to both Bakugou and Midoriya, and quite frankly, I don't like it. It's not my place to say that I hate it, but I do.

And I don't know why...

It was clear from the start that once she used her elements, she would become noticeably stronger. But something about her has changed.

I don't know if anyone else notices it, but her strides are more powerful than before. She walks with grace and dominance; her strength clearly shown. She glows a very alluring light. The confidence in each step she takes makes it all more mesmerizing.

She sustained a harsh burn on her arm from the explosion, and yet she didn't pay any mind to it. I doubt she even noticed it...

Even when I looked at her. She knew immediately that I was challenging her, and she accepted it with no hesitation.

It's not like she really had a choice. We are against each other in the finals. But the way she accepted the challenge with open arms and didn't have the slightest bit of doubt in that moment, it surprised me. Usually, she would stare back with blank eyes, or just simply ignore it. But she gave a sign of acceptance, and challenged me back. She really is intriguing...

I enter the waiting room and start to prepare for my match against the very person on my mind.

Akira's POV

While walking to my waiting room, I feel a burning sensation on my left forearm. I look at it and examine the wound.

It's a third degree burn... I hadn't realized that his explosions were that hot. I suppose it was from adrenaline... it caught me off guard.

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