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Akira's POV

I sit down in the stands, right next to Momo, in front of the railing.

From here, I will be able to observe everyone. Since I am in the 6th match, there quite a few people I can observe. Those students from class 1-b can't be doubted, so I need to take in as much as possible in case I need to fight them. And that guy from 1-C... he's in the first match against Midoriya. I wonder how it'll play out...

Fire bursts out in the four corners of the ring, signalling that the matches are about to begin.

"Alright Audience! Let's cut to the good stuff and not delay these finals any longer! Welcome our first fighters! Whoa, he looks kinda scared in that picture, doesn't he? IT'S IZUKU MIDORIYA FROM THE HERO COURSE vs. HITOSHI SHINSOU FROM GENERAL STUDIES, who hasn't really did anything to stand out yet!" Let's see what this boy can do...

"The rules are simple! Immobilize your opponent, or force them out of the ring!! You can also win by getting the other person to cry uncle! Bring on the injuries because we've got our own Recovery Girl waiting on standby! So put your morals aside and don't be afraid to play dirty! But of course, no life-threatening crap, folks." As Present mic says that last sentence, I look at Bakugou. He catches my stare and looks away immediately from my intense eyes, nodding slightly.

"It's not allowed. Real heroes use their power to throw villains in jail, not kill them!"

I observe the two boys that are ready to battle. I see Shinsou speaking to Midoriya with narrowed eyes. Whatever he said must've provoked Midoriya because he runs up to the C class student with an angry expression. But then, he stops.

Almost as if he froze... literally... now that I look closer, his eyes are blank... lifeless. Maybe it was his quirk, but how did it activate? Was it eye contact? That's a possibility... but they were maintaining eye contact the whole time... Maybe he can control when wants people to be under his control... but, Midoriya did yell something at him... once he stopped moving his lips, he stopped moving completely... maybe because he spoke to him. I'll have to ask Ojiro...

Said boy groans in frustration.
"I warned him not to say anything!" I look towards him.

"So he activates when you speak to him?" He looks at me and nods.

"When he used it on me, he asked me a question and then everything went fuzzy... It was like I was under someone else's control. I don't know if you have to answer a question he asks, or if you speak to him in general, his quirk will activate." Interesting...

I nod and look back towards the match. Midoriya turns around and walks towards the boundary line. I narrow my eyes.

There has to be a way around this quirk... should I help him? Technically, I shouldn't since these battles are everyone for themselves... however, I want him to get far enough into the battles so I can fight him myself... ever since he got his quirk, I've wanted to see how powerful it really is. Of course, I can see, and feel how powerful the quirk itself is... but I want to experience it head on myself. I want to see how he uses it... Maybe I can use telekinesis to force him to use his quirk... but how? Only he himself can activate it... something needs to push him to use it... maybe I can also use telepathy? I could just tell him to activate it... but I don't know the extent of this mind control quirk. For all I know, it can block the flow of his aura, which wouldn't allow me to do anything... should I? No... no matter how much I want to, I'm not going to always be in his corner to help him... he needs to do it on his own...

I observe Shinsou.

From what I see, his physique isn't as developed as Midoriya's... so if he is able to get out of Shinsou's control somehow, he will win, even without using his quirk. Just as long as Midoriya doesn't make the same mistake twice.

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