thad yells at kate

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"because you stoal from us and you are lieing on your brother!" My dad yelled at her."dad,its okay she didn't mean it".I told him."no,its not son your sick and we need to take care of you"he told me."now,please go sit on the couch"he ask me.I got up and went to the couch where I waited.

"kate if you promise to not steal then I'll let you back" he offered her."I promise dad"she said."hey,does anyone know where max is?"fang as us."um,well no why?"Eric ask him."I don't know,just wondering that's all"fang said.

"wait,I did over hear him say he was going to meet some guy" Eric said."did you hear what his name was?"fang ask him."um,yeah it was...ah,oh,yeah now I remember he called himself the tooth breaking death.I don't know,its pretty stupid I guess I mean it don't even sound scary"Eric finished."its not suppose to be...eric remember that who kidnapped micheal right?"fang ask him.

"Yeah,I remember why?" Eric told him."well,I think he might work for that guy.'cause remember he was so hard to hurt micheal"fang told him."maybe just maybe max is working for them"fang said confuse.

"Hey,look probably,probably don't know and I don't know" Eric said."I don't care!"fang said angerly."guys?whos car is thats "I asked." um,I don't know"edward saius?"

The door opens and two polices officers came in and said."do you know this kid name max...uh...hill?"the officer ask."um,yes because he's our friend"micheal explain. "Well,he was in a car crash today" the police officer said."is he okay?"I ask him.

"his stayable right now.but can you come with us?" The officer ask me."mom?" I said as I looked up at her."yes you can just be careful okay"she said.then I got up and walked over to the officer."Carson!called me when you get there"he told me.

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