micheal and the kidnapper

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The guy stop walking and dropped me to the ground where my head hit the ground hard.I guess I was half dead because I could still hear stuff,including him laughing hard.then I felt a other bullet go through me and few people screaming.but I felt someone pick me up by the shoulders leaving my head to hang over.

Then I heared him talk to the guy and this is what it sound like to me."why did you shoot this poor child?"stranger said.then I slowly open my eyes.to see who it was,soon enough it was Faith's dad.I tryed to get up but was too weak.

"kid are you okay?do you need any help" stranger asking."no,need icepack please"I said."can sit up?"the stranger ask again."can I use your phone?"I ask him."um,sure do you need to call your parent or what?"the stranger ask me."fine.I'll walk home"I holded him.

Then I struggled to get up.but I know why he,didn't let me because I broke his daughters heart.but the real truth is she broke mine.there was it, maybe all this heart break is worth something useful you know.but I probably imaging it.

I notices different about him.he was trying to help me.not,trying to hurt me.as I walked down that street I was so weak.I was really lumping down that street.

But I still don't know why I mean,if Faith's dad hates me so much.then why did he try to help me.that's what I cloudnt understand or figure out.maybe just maybe he might have forgive me.but he probably feared out.

But its probably just nothing.knowing all that,but anyway I got to get back."uh,you ain't going anywhere but with me"the kidnaper said."you'll never let me go are you jerk?"I asked meanly."I might if you stop running away form me"the kidnaper said.

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