micheal asleep

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3 hours or so I was passed-out.I was woke up by my alarm clock.I looked at the time it was 9:58.I just turned over and went back to sleep.I didn't even want to wake up.because if I did,I would regerit it.

" sweeted time to woke up"my mom said.I didn't even answer her.because all I could think about is max.when I heared her walk out and close the door,I got out of my bed and climb out of the window then shut it.I just didn't understand why dad hated max so much.

But I knew one thing,and one thing only.I'm never coming back,and I don't even care about anything.I thought about that as I walked down the street.but out of nowhere I started to not believe right.

I walked clumsly over to the wall.then leaned my back towards it.I was gasping for air and looking around worrly.I started to get weak in the knees.then fell and never woke up.

The cancer has tooken ma and I was glad.I'm starting to wonder why I thought away my meds.was it a dream or was I really in white clothes and in heaven?mean,white back on earth my parents were the frist to know.lets just say my mom couldn't stand.knowing that she had lost me.

"are you sure officer?that son is dead" my dad asked in a cracked voices.I know why because of...me,and how he lost me.but I know one thing I will always remember what my dad does the best.trys so hard to keep together and be strong."he can't be dead dad I don't believe you"my brother said tears running down his faces.

"son,son its true.he's dead...he's dead.Carson's gone...forever" my dad said in a sad voices.well,they planed a funeral and it was sad but beautiful.we'll,they finally buried me but micheal stayed a little bit longer staring at my stone.

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