alone again

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After they stop hugging me and all,I was left alone.for 2 or more was really scary but what I didn't understand is that Carson was alive.first of all this time.but I swear he died inform of me"."but appearlly he didn't so weird and scary ".I keep thinking about that.

" hey,how's the throwet buddy?"I look up and saw Edward holding a plate."I thought you should eat before we go bowling".then he put the plate in front of me making me really hungry."so,hurry up and get your shoes on please".then he walked out of the room.

I finish eating and got my shoes when I felt like throwing up again but when leaned over the trash up on the cough and stared at the hour later or let's say the afternoon.

I woke up and the house was quiet.I got up off the caught and looked arounded. It was weird because no-one was here.I went in Carson room and he wasn't there.I went and cheek the other rooms and still nothing.

"wow,where is everyone?" Then I heard something fall to the floor."who's there and what do you want"I said loudly there was nothing but siglince.I walked into the living room.then I saw the closet door open a little and something was hang out of was something black.

"Who...who's there?" Then something went over my mouth.(class hitting the floor).I couldn't breathe and I fainted.who ever did that to me must have kidnapped me because there was nothing but blackness.2 or whatever hours my family got home saw I wasn't there and some class was broken.

"Michael?Michael are you okay buddy?" Eric said."where is he?"carson asked."guys you might want to see this"fang pointed out."what is it fang?"Michaels dad said."I think he was kidnapped because he would not go anywhere without his phone"fang continued."are you sure about that fang"Carson asked.

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