micheal is in the hostipal

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After,I got of the er.some how they stayed there over night.but good thing was I was getting better.when Sam and vexy got there."what are you doing here Orlando?"Sam said meanly.

"I'm here for micheal and you are?" Orlando ask him."vexy wanted to see if about you?anyway hes on life support"Orlando explained."plus,we can't go in there.only family can"Orlando continue.

Well,days past and finally I woke up.a bunch of pain came rushing towards me."hey,sweet how are you feeling?"my mom ask me."I'm in pain  but okay where's Orlando?"I ask her."in the waiting room but I can go get him if you want me too".

I nodded and she left to go get him.a nurse came in and help me sit up.my mom came in with Orlando and was smiling."Hi,Orlando"I said in a crack voices."Hi,how's the side micheal?"Orlando ask me.

"I'm fine for right now but probably not in 2 more hours" I told him.he nodded and sat on the bed next me."whats

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