back at the wade house

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While back at the Jones,Carson was walking back and forth.try,to figure why they haven't came back."mom!its been about 6:32 mintues since they left"I said confuse."I mean,how long does it take to go get him and come back?"I ask.

"Well,it takes a long time sweetheart" my mom said."yeah,but how long?uh,that's what I what to know?"I ask with anger."come over here and sit by,why do you think they havent come back um?"my mom ask me.

"Um,well because their not here.and I'm starting to worry" I pointed out."um,well what did fang you?"she ask me."he told me to not worry but just wait for them"I said."oh,sweeted your sister coming home sometime today"my mom said happly.

"I don't really care anymore about her" I said."and what is that suppose to mean Carson"my mom said looking at him."she tryed to blame fang!"I pointed out."she said sorry about that"my mom said."I don't care at all!she can go somewhere else"I yelled.

"You might don't want her around but I know micheal does" my mom pointed out."thats you haven't told him have you"I said."but if I have to I'll tell him"I continue. "God!no son don't okay" my mom begged."mom!I don't want to okay leave it alone!"I yelled."son,please clam down okay"my mom said."no!you need to...(coughing)no I need to say need to tell her to not to come!"I said.

"son,are you okay?" My mom ask."no,mom I have leukemia!"I said."wha...what?"my mom said confuse."yeah,the doctor told me but not you because I told me but not to"I said looking at the floor."okay,do you need any medicine or..."my mom ask looking concerned.

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