carson leaving

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"Okay,brother I will" I told him.and then I walked away.once we got outside the house.I started to feel a little dizzy.I fell to the ground not noticing that I was in the a parking lot.

"kid!kid!" The officer yelled."go call for help"the officer told him.I heared screaming all around me.then I heard my parents trying wake me up."I said go get help I didn't say his parents".

"Honey,carson,come on please" my mom pleaded."son,come on please open those eyes"my dad said."dad,mom,micheal?"I asked in the weak voice. "son!my god!don't ever do that again" my parents said while hugging me.

"can I still go see max?" I ask them.they were quiet for a while.then my brother spoke."bro.I nearly lost,um no"micheal said with sad eyes."alright I wont"I said sadly getting up.

"son,come on don't act like that" my dad told me."act like what?all I want is to see max.but I'm not allowed am I?"I yelled as I walked away from the family I loved so much.I walked for hours and hours."god,where am I? What time is it?"I asked the air.

I walked for hours and I had no-idea where I was or what time it was.I pulled out my phone but it said low battery. "Oh,man that's just am I suppose to get back?" I asked again nobody."well,that's just great"I continue.

I looked around and saw buliding,no cars,or was like I was in a desert."wait,I'm I in a desert?and how?is it family the ecisple?"I said as I looked up to the sun."the sun is normal.I guess its my imagetion".

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