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SAVED | JACK DAWSON  by wordsbyphoebe
Aurora DeWitt Bukater was an upper class Edwardian who despised the cocktail parties and champagne filled life that she lived. She craved adventure, freedom and true lov...
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Titanic; What If Jack Had Lived? by _B_R_I_A_
Titanic; What If Jack Had Lived?by Bria
What if Jack Dawson survived? What if Rose and he began living their lives together? What if they went on to make cute little babies? Of course, Titanic never made its f...
  • leonardodicaprio
  • myheartwillgoon
  • fanfic
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TITANIC - Jack And Rose, Both Are Alive! by cdnovelist
TITANIC - Jack And Rose, Both Are...by Cecelia Dowdy
What if Jack had lived after the ship sank, and both Jack and Rose had to deal with evil Cal? Also, how will these two be able to make a living? Jack is a poor artist an...
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Jack is Back - Jack Dawson by kirahljackson
Jack is Back - Jack Dawsonby kirahljackson
It's 2016. Rose Calvert's 17-year-old great grand daughter is called on Brock Lovett's ship to try and find the Heart of the Ocean AGAIN, after Rose dropped it in the se...
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My Story: R.M.S Titanic [Completed] by bellebellerose
My Story: R.M.S Titanic [Completed]by Belle Bellerose
15 April 1912, 1:55 am: I watched as the greatest ship of all time start slipping beneath the ice cold waves of the Atlantic Ocean. I was holding on to a jacket that was...
  • historicalfiction
  • azulawards
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You jump I jump  by phexdicaprio
You jump I jump by phexdicaprio
Do you ever wonder what would happen if jack lived? If him and rose grew old together? Had children? Rode like a man down Santa Monica beach? In this story jack survived...
  • fiction
  • sad
  • youjumpijump
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Unsinkable ➙ Grayson Dolan by puveblood
Unsinkable ➙ Grayson Dolanby E R I C K A
In which a young woman goes on a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, only to fall in love with the captain's son and befriend two passengers. A Grayson Dolan Fa...
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Heart of the Sky | Gay Titanic by GavGav7
Heart of the Sky | Gay Titanicby Gavin Hetherington
[2018 Watty Award Winner] A love story doomed to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Brando and Daxten form an unlikely friendship at an airport before falling in love on...
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the Spanish princess (William Murdoch love story) by klausmikealson2001
the Spanish princess (William Murd...by klausmikealson2001
Emilia Salvatore is the princess of Spain. he mother. queen Victoria sent her on the titanic to new York as a birthday present. she meets william murdoch on the ship and...
  • murdoch
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Leonardo DiCaprio imagines by teenageHippy
Leonardo DiCaprio imaginesby Jane doe
Ahh the feels of the wonderful Leonardo!
  • leonardodicaprio
  • daddies
  • romeo
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Piano by labyrinth-
Pianoby Aasma
In which Daisy Carter's nights become sleepless because of the Pianist living in the apartment just below hers. Who is too immune to play Titanic's hit, 'My Heart Will G...
  • teenfiction
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Thawing out the heart - Jack Dawson by JustinsLilShawty
Thawing out the heart - Jack Dawsonby Kira
RIGHTS TO OWNERS OF TITANIC FRANCHISE FOR ANY CHARACTERS OR CONCEPTS USED. "What do you wish for?" Gazing up at the shooting star, skipping across the moon...
  • lovestory
  • leonardodicaprio
  • titanic
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Titanic (Jack Dawson Love Story) by SailorStar213
Titanic (Jack Dawson Love Story)by SailorStar213
Rosalyn Lovett is the adopted sister of Brock Lovett. She and her brother travel to the North Atlantic Ocean to find a rare diamond that is rumored to have gone down wit...
  • diamond
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Leonardo Dicaprio Imagines  by calumhoodwifey1
Leonardo Dicaprio Imagines by alexis thomas
Just a lot of imagines of Leo and message me if you want me to do a certain topic!
  • leonardo
  • juliet
  • romeo
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Kleo our love forever by kleogoals
Kleo our love foreverby ᴋ.ɢ
They have loved eachother since their twenties. Kind, gentle and loving Kate Winslet has a difficult time figuring out her emotions. Independent, romantic and calm Leona...
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⋆ Una estrella para Juliet by psiwhite
⋆ Una estrella para Julietby ☯ Antonella
Julie es una veterinaria recién egresada, que está agotada de su rutinaria vida y sumida en una depresión por la muerte de su padre. Vive en un apartamento pequeño aleja...
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Sokeefe x Titanic by peachyxbitch
Sokeefe x Titanicby thrill killer 🔪
On a doomed journey back to America, Sophie Foster encounters her true love again. But, will this horrific tragedy come between them? Hey guys this is my first fanfictio...
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STATEK MARZEŃ - Sherlock/Titanic by NatalyaCorvus
STATEK MARZEŃ - Sherlock/Titanicby NatalyaCorvus
Jest 10 kwietnia 1912 roku. RMS Titanic wyrusza w swój pierwszy i zarazem ostatni rejs. Na jego pokładzie znajduje się podróżujący trzecią klasą lekarz wojskowy, John Wa...
  • johnlock
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RUIN » Young Leonardo DiCaprio [discontinued] by k-martxriver
RUIN » Young Leonardo DiCaprio [di...by beatles bitch
[discontinued] in which a girl falls for the school troublemaker and discovers the person beneath the hard exterior. Achievements: #1 in 80s #1 in Leonardo DiCaprio #2 i...
  • guys
  • leonardodicaprio
  • romance
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PERFECT {Young Leonardo DiCaprio} by snoopycutey1
PERFECT {Young Leonardo DiCaprio}by snoopycutey1
Rosie is your typical everyday celebrity. She has fans following her everywhere she goes and spends her days signing autographs until her fingers burn. Life is pretty go...
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