vexy is upset

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She looked at me angerly,then she turned back with a sad face."I'm sorry Sam,didn't mean what I said.but you need to back off micheal would you feel if your brother died and you,found out from your parents?"vexy question. Sam looked at me then looked at the floor.

He knew what she was talking about and I did too."sorry,guys and I'm sorry micheal I was just having a really bad morning"Sam said looking really sad.I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder."there's something else"I trailed off.he look up at me with tears in his eyes.

"how did you know Micheal?"he ask with a chrock." Dude,its not that hard to tell you know.I know you like a book"I told him with a half smile.I heard him whisper"crap,I should have done something different"Sam said.I chucled at what he said.

"why are you laughing?" He ask with a frown."because...its funny"I told him.the school bell rang for school to be out for the weekend."hey,do you and vexy want to come over to my house this Saturday?because my cousin is having his 16th birthday party at the skating ring"Sam told us."I want to make up for what I said earlier"Sam continue.

"oh,Sam I love too but I cant.I gotta help micheal pack up all of Carson's things" vexy told him.Sam looked down at the cards that he wanted to give us.he was heading for the trash can when I said."look,vexy we can do it a other time"I said.

"no.we have to do it today" vexy said in a whisper.I grabbed his hands and pulled them towards me."your,not throwing these away Sam"I told him and untangled his fingers from the cards."but,why...your not coming.this was for Carson..."he said starting to cry again.

"hey,no crying okay,we'll go alright" I told him as we all started walking down the hall again.once we got outside it was very sunny and as the last teacher left.we were all alone with no rides to come pick us up."where is everyone?why are we all alone at the school?"Sam ask us starting to sound scared.

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