micheals head hurts

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Shannon turned back to me and told me to hold on."how?"I asked got me to the car.we got to the hostipal right after I went into a coma.my dad carried me into a coma.my dad carried me into the hospital and tried to get anyone's at intention.

"please someone help me my son he...he been hurt" my dad pointed out.then a five,six foot women come up to us."kids name and what happen?"the nurse said still looking at the clipboard.

"I don't know I just need someone to look him over that's all" my dad explained.then two doctors came over with a bodyboard.my dad put me on it and started filling out the paperwork.they rolled me into the two double doors.since then they have been trying to get me to breathe better.

After they were they put me on life support. The doctor came to my family and told them that I was okay.that it was a minor break down nothing to big.then my dad started telling him that I was shot in the head and how I lost carson. They were able to come visit it me but I was still asleep when they came in.

"son...your going to be okay now I promise you" my dad said trying not to cry.Shannon looked at him sadly and then looked at me."I don't want to loose him either but we have no power over that"she told him.he looked at her and said"I don't want to loose anyone else".they both looked back at me in saddiness.

"maybe he'll get through this"my mom said.then she looked at me with tears in her eyes.the doctor pulled my dad over to the side to talk to him." your son doesn't have much time left to live.we tried everything but nothing is working"the doctor explained.

"I understand doctor thank you anyway" my dad said.then he walked over to us with sad news."what did he say honey?"my mom ask him.he looked up at her in saddiness."he doesn't have much time left to live"my dad said.

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