carson getting dizzy

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Then I got up and took all my medic chine and into the rash, I started to walk away,I started to get really light headed and dizzy.right then I fell and my guess what is I wouldn't wake up."Carson.wake up.please"my mom said."what happened? Whats wrong with him"Kate ask her.

"he has cancer'll probably would know if you were around more" she told her."carson.wake up sweetheart"she told me.then I slowly open my eyes and saw my mom."did I fall again?"I ask her.

"yeah,you did but your okay now" she told me."wheres dad?"I ask her."I'm right here son"my dad said."he fell twice and I think his cancer back again"she told him."and on top of that Kate's back"my mom said.

"Why did she come back?" My dad ask."she wanted to be around her family I guess"my mom said."honey,she stoal from us and on top of all that she lieing on Carson.oh,no please tell me you don't believe her"my dad said.

"I dont know,well probably I do" my mom told him."honey,babe remember what she did to you"my dad said starting to shake her."I just think we should give her a other chance"she said.

"Mom,reason she wants to come back is because to steal more from us" I told her."our son is right Kate just wants to steal and lie.I don't just her all honey"my dad said."well yes but people can chance baby"my mom said.

"yeah,but most people don't" my dad explain. "dad!I chanced i... I...I don't steal anymore" Kate told him."okay,you say but can you show?"my dad ask."I told you that I don't steal why don't you believe me!"Kate yelled.

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