carson is dieing

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I started to walk again.I figure that I could get out of this mess I was in.but then I remember,I didn't take my medicine. That I throw it away,so I started getting a little tried and so was like the world was facing in and out.

"dad,micheal,mom,...kate?help?" Then I fell and felt like years before anyone found out.because I woke up in my own room with a iv in my arm."I'm home,I can't believe it.I'm...I'm safe but how?"I asked nobody.then there was a nock on my bedroom door.

I didn't answer for a while.I got up and opened the usually, Michael always bothers me."yes,what do you want?"I ask him."come to the kitchen okay"he told me.

"um,alright let me take this iv out of my arm" I told him."okay"he said then he walked off."um,okay whats up with him"I asked myself.I took the iv out of my arm.

Then I started walking down the hall to the kitchen.when I got there everyone I knew was sitting or standing at the kitchen table."uh,whats going on here?"I asked them."son,max...has pass away"my dad told me."what?no.when?"I asked starting to freak out.

"Two days before you went missing" my dad continued."no,no your lieing!I don't believe you!".I ran out of the kitchen and down the hall into my bedroom.slammed the door shut,tears started forming in my eyes."hes not dead,he's not dead"I keep telling myself.

There was a nock on my door."go away!I don't want to talk about it!"I yelled at them."we need to talk about it son"my dad told me."no!go away!go away!"I yelled again.then I heared my dads footsteps move away from my door,and faded away.

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