micheal is able to walk

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Days and days pass and I was finally able to walk a little.I found out that prom was in a few weeks.but I probably won't be able to go."hey,micheal have you got a date for the prom?"sam said looking happy I was back."I don't know if I'm able to go you know with my brain tumor and all"I explained to him."by the way what's up with the school.I mean,it looks different to me"I continued.

"Well,not much but prom coming up and other random stupid stuff" Sam told me looking around.then he turn back to me."Sam...how's vexy doing?"I ask him in a concern way."she doing good worried about you though.we all are we thought you were dead.but your not"Sam told me.

"Well,we better get to class before we're tardy" I explain. Then when we got to class.class was sad because we had to watch a video of how Jews were killed.I just hope it doesn't happen again.because the nazis shot baby's I the back if their head.

I look over at Sam tinking that maybe just maybe he's partly jew.who knows I might be too.the out nowhere he looks at me too.I look at the teacher and back at Sam.then he throw a floded up piece of paper.I couldn't it and unfloded it.

It read "why would they do that to them?its so raises".I wrote back" I totally agree with you".I look up and saw that a new kid was joining us.I look over at the teacher and the teacher look up.then started walking over and said"and what is your name?I may ask".the kid look around and then his eyes landed on Sam.

Even thought Sam was looking at the scene."um,kid I ask starting to get angry."I'm sorry my name is Orlando stone"Orlando said."well,you can sit next to micheal"he told him.he walk over and sat down in the seat next to me."so,whats up with the teach?"Orlando ask me.

I look at him and said"just tried that's all"I told him moving some hair out of my eyes.then the Bell rang and I gather up and look at orlando. "Hey,Orlando can I ask you something?" I ask him."yeah,sure what is it?"he ask me looking at me."why were you looking at Sam meanly?"I ask him.

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