the wade family

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"son,are you you want me to help you up"......" Yes,dad I'm okay and yes I want you to help me".then he graded my hand and pulled me up."oh,my god I thought we were going to lose you".then pulled me closes and hugged me.

"son,why is your neck so red?"." fangs dad (coughing)nearly put me in a coma"."but what you can do is find some way for victor to come here and stay at least after Christmas and new years".

"okay let's get you home". then we all walked out the took me a while to breathe  because David fang,Eric,Edwards dad.when we got home I went straight to the cough."I'll go get victor".

" hey dad can....(coughing really hard)"."sweetheart do you need cough medchine?"."no, throught it hurts bad"."honey,I think we should get a doctor to look at this because he's coughing is going to get wrosties".

"I'll call his doctor"." dad call fang"."sweetheart I need you to rest".then I learned my head against my mom."mom my neck hurts"while,I looked up at her.

My mom looked scared for a minute. "Honey!we need help and really fast!" My dad ran in there in the painting."what,what,what's wrong baby"."Michael can't breathe he needs his doctor".my dad hit his knees fast."no,no he's not going to he's going to survive".

He was shaking my mom."dad please (coughing)call fang he can help"."he nearly killed you"."no!he was trying to help me!(coughed)he was trying to protect me!he was going to give his life!".then my heart stop to where I can't breathe.

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