recasuing micheal

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"micheal!" fang yelled running down the street.I saw him running towards me."micheal! "Fang yelled again." fang?"I said confused."micheal!Carson needs you!"fang yelled."fang!don't come any closer or...or your get shot!"I told him because he was only 3 feet away from me.

Then right there I just fell holding my neck.I cloudnt breathe because of the bullet."micheal let me see it"fang said scared. "Okay I can fixs this lets get you home" fang said."he ain't going anywhere and your not ethier"the kidnaper said pointed the gun to fang.

As soon as he pulled it Eric jumped in front so it wouldn't hit fang yelled he's brother name,Eric fell to the ground holding his shoulder."Eric,Eric let me see it"fang said scared."I...told will get hurt!"Eric yelled.

" I...I...I'm sorry"fang cryed."wo,what happen to eric! "Edward yelled." hey,you take me instead micheal"fang said looking up at him."fang...please no"Eric said."alright,micheal you can go home with them but you are coming with me"the kidnaper said."fang you don't have to go you know that right"edward said.

Then got up and told his brother this."have to edward,that's the whole reason their hurt.I'm sorry guys I really am"fang said walking away from us.then I saw him fall as the gun did too.

"fang!" Eric yelled.then all of us ran over there."fang,buddy wake up,get up"edward said."guys I think he is in a coma"I told them."guys?uh"fang said.

"Fang your okay?" I ask him."what just happened?"fang ask."it doesn't matter fang"Eric said."but...but"fang said."here lets sit you up.are you sure your okay fang?"edward ask."I...I guess so

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