carson has cancer

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"no,I just need some rest that all" I said."okay,sweeted go get some sleep okay"my mom told me."okay,see you later.oh,mom please don't tell anyone else"I said looking at her with fear."baby,just go some sleep okay and,don't worry okay"my mom told me.

"Okay,mom thank you.I hope micheals okay" I said walking to my room.but then fell,that's when my mom heared it and ran to help me."sweeted.crason.wake up please honey"my mom sound scared."um,mom where are you?"I ask.

"I am right here baby,your going to be alright" my mom told me."mom where's everybody else?"I ask her."their out looking for micheal"my mom said."oh,and dad?"I ask."don't you remember your dad was in a car crash"my mom said sadly.

So,where's fang and the other at?"I ask again."didn't I just tell you"my mom said starting to get angry at him."can i get up mom?"I ask."sure,sweetheart"my mom said."mom,please stop calling me that please"he ask.

"let's take you to your doctor okay.but first let me write a note for your brother then we'll go" my mom said."mom,I'm really sorry"I said looking up at her."its okay,none of it is your fault"my mom told me."alright,come on lets go"my mom continue.then we both left the house.

But once we left I started to not breathe right."oh,my god are you okay Carson"my mom said concerned."mom...can'"I said breathlessly."oh,okay,okay,keep breathing okay"my mom said pointing.""I said again.

Then right there my mom's phone goes off."hel...hellio who's this?"my mom asks."it's Thad don't you remember?"Thad said confuse. "Oh,my god I'm sorry honey" my mom said in surprise. "I was just going to take Carson to the hospital" my mom continue.

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