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Prom was in a couple of days and I was still not out of the hostipal.I know my parents would not let me go."hey,mom can I still go to my prom?"I ask her."um,well sweet you know you just got out of the hospital "my mom said." You know what just forget it.forget I ever ask,I just won't go!"I raised my voice.

My cell started to ring so I picked it up."hellio Orlando sorry I can't go so you have to sing that song"I said."but why because that song I barely know and why not?"Orlando ask."my mom still worried about me"I explain. "Well,you going to miss a lot of get better alright" Orlando told me.

Then he Hong up and I lead down to rest my side.after sleep for a while I turn on my TV and watch it.3 hours past and my friends came."wh...what are y'all doing here?"y'all are suppose to be at y'all's prom"I told them."oh,stop party pooper we're here because we want to"Quinn said."y'all got kicked out didn't you"I said smiling.

Then I stop smiling and looked at the tv. "I'm sorry I couldn't go" I told them."its not your fault"kate told me."plus,it wasn't your fault that you got into the car cash"Orlando said."Orlando right and the brain tumor that's not your fault ethier"Shannon said.

"by the way how are you doing anyway?" Samantha ask."I'm doing OK but thanks for watching"I said."so,whata watching"Kate said.I didn't answer her because my head starting again."can one of go get my mom please"I ask.

"I will...hold on okay" Quinn said running out the mom and dad came in and checked up on me."sweeted does your head hurt bad?"my mom ask.the reason I didn't answer was because I was too bizzy holding my head in pain."honey,we got get him to a hospital"my mom told her.

"your right okay y'all go help his dad okay" Shannon order."why?"Orlando comaned."because I'm going to help his mom get him to the car"Shannon finish."OK,that's a good enough reason lets go guys"Orlando ordered."aw,okay fine lets go"Samantha finish pushing everyone out.

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