at the collins

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We got of the car and walk to his houses."whats going on?why are you so upset?"Sam ask look up at him because he was still on the frist step."you can get all your answers from Derrick.I'm not speaking"fang said putting his earbud back in his ear."why?I mean,not to make you angry or anything.but what happen?"sam ask moving up the steps to get closer to the house.

"I told you and that's it!" Fang yelled.once,Sam was all the way onto the porch.Eric open the sceendoor then he push open the front door.we all walk in and was left alone for a while.then Eric came back after a long time.

He wave to Sam and he went like he was control.he also wave to me and just like that I started moving out of nowhere.I meet up with Sam and he grinned.then he went back to a frown."something must be really wrong if he needs both of us".

"Yeah,I totally believe you.I mean,something must be up with derrick. Because he need our help" i explain.when we catch up to eric, he was waiting with a frown."I need yall guys help bad"Eric said with a worried look.

"We'll help...but why?I mean,you need our help" I explain again."derrick hes really ill and that's probably why fangs so upset"Eric said.I look at Sam then at Eric I nodded at him.we all walk into derricks room.where he was as a bad or as I put it very,very ill.

"Hey,micheal,Sam how's going you two doing?" derrick ask weak.for the next to mintues we didn't talk or even more.we just stood there like stones.Eric walked over and put two fingers on my neck to make sure I was still breathing.when he took them away I look at him with doll look.

But,for some reason just fell back.everything,went black to me.I was betting that they all where looking at me and shaking me at the sametime."micheal!buddy wake up whats wrong with you?!"Eric yelled into my ear hopping I heard him.

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