thad finds out

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"why do you need to take him to the hostipal?" Thad ask her."because he fell and I think the...cancers back"my mom told him."well,wait until we get there because micheals with us"Thad told her."oh,my gosh that is great!Carson would be happy!"my mom said happly."mom.I don't feel really good"I told her.

"I'm coming carson" my mom told me.then she walked over to me and help me up."is dad coming have micheal with them"she told me as we were walking to the living room."mom,I'm sorry you have to help me"I told her.

"oh,Carson dont even say that" my mom told me."now,do you want watch TV?"my mom ask me."sure,whatever you want"I told her."is fang okay?"I ask her."yes,but Eric been shot"my mom told me.

"Is he okay?" I ask her."we really don't know yet.but your dad is coming to get us"my mom told me."I hope he's okay"I told her."yeah,me and you both"my mom said.

"mom,where did he get shot?" I ask her."in the right shoulder blade"my mom told me.then the front door opens and my sister Kate walks in."Kate?what are you doing here?"I ask her."well,I came home to my family"she told me.

"what family?oh,you mean the one you back stab.or,is it the one you stoal from" I told her meanly."no!Carson!stop this!"my mom yelled."no!mom you need to hear this okay"I yelled back at her."she stoal from us mom!"I yelled again.

"kate. Did you do that?" She ask her."uh,no I didn't and you need to stop lieing on me"I told her coldly."I believe her and not you"she told me."I can't believe you did it again"I told her disbelive.

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