micheal is kidnapped

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"where,where am I?" Michael asked."oh,it will where off trust me"the kidnapper said."no.no.no.I don't trust you,you kidnapped me"Michael said meanly."no,I did you a favor"the kidnapper disaggeing."shut up,shut up!let me go now!"Michael shouted."I'm about to over your mouth again,so will you shut up and listen to me.or,I'll kill you and and you'll never see your family again.I can do that trust me I did it before"the kidnapper treatened.

I felt like just chocking that guy."okay,I'll do whatever you want just please don't hurt my family or friends"Michael said."even through that sounds really good.no,I will not do that"the kidnapper said.

"please!please!I'm begging you!don't hurt them!" Michael said."mmm,no now shut up!"the kidnaper shouted."I got a better idea".then a light shine on my face,for a montinue I thought I was dead.but I wasn't.

"I need you to answer these questions then I might let you go" the kidnaper said."what's your name?"the kidnaper ask."shut up!I'm not telling you anything!"Micheal shouted."fine,I'll look it up".the kidnaper said.I felt running and go home."aw,you're name Micheal Wade and you have a little brother name Carson Wade but you're 15 and he is 14.mmm,nice this is going to be fun".the kidnaper said."noooo!please!"Micheal shouted.

"Too bad you should have listen to me". the kidnaper said." Okay,okay I'm sorry just....don't hurt him".then he came in and grabbed me by the arm."lets go see you're people umm".

When we got there all their eyes went on me."micheal! Bro.are you okay?!"Carson shouted."I want to sho...oh,sorry we want to show y'all something"the kidnaper said evilly.then he pointed the gun to my head.then he pulled it,I felt so light head and then fell.(really hard breathing)then blackness.

(Voices in the distances)(hearing coming back)"micheal!micheal!no!please!"season screamed.I opened my eyes and saw everyone fighting for me.my head was spinning and it felt like the world was too.then I started to feel really cold.I started to breathe heavy again,but this time really dry.

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