micheal is shot

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Then right there my heart just stop and my breathe too."micheal!wake up!please!"crason screamed to the top of his lungs."I have to get over there!"fang yelled."no,fang you have to stay safe!"Eric yelled back.

"I'm the one who can save him!" Fang yelled."okay,lets do it"Eric said lowing his voices.then the kidnaper bent down and looked at me like I was some kind of pruise.the next thing he did was pick me up like I was some kind of food to him.my guess was that he wasn't finish with me yet.

"Guys,guys stop where's micheal?" Fang asked."nooo!micheal!let me go micheal!"Carson cryed."carson!you can't save him now"Jane said."wha...what do you mean?"Carson asked."Carson.micheal died I'm sorry"fang said sadly.

"No!micheal!let go!micheal!come back!" Carson cryed."I'm so sorry"edward said said sadly."micheal!come back please!"Carson screamed as he ran to the door.he was almost there when the swing open and hit him.he fell to the floor scream.

It hit in the lungs."Carson!are you okay?breathe Carson breathe buddy"fang said scared."mi...micheal...micheal needs my help"Carson said."no,you need help crason"Eric said disagreeing.

"no,micheal been shot...he...he needs more help than me" Carson said."i... I just been hit with a door that's all.I'll be okay,but micheal isn't his life is on the line you know...ahhhhh!"Carson said hurt."Carson we'll find micheal and both of you will be find"fang said concerned.

"are you sure?"." Yes,I am if I have to..."fang said."no,no you are not fang"Eric said."I would have to"fang continue."but that's sacrifices fang no!"Eric yelled shaking him."but...but"fang said."no buts fang please"Eric said.

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