micheal not waking up

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Well he realized that I wasn't waking up.so,he told Sam to go get vexy and call the ambulance.Sam did what he was told.as soon as we got into the ambulance. I heard Sam say"come micheal don't give in please".

Once I heard that I knew I couldn't give in.my friends and family still need me.now,that Carson was gone but I know he's watching over me.because,I can feel him next me.when we got to the hospital they rush me to the er.

My friends must have stay there.to,see me after I got out.but,where I was like in the same place that Carson was and it was like he was right there.he was telling me something somehow I could hear him."micheal I will always be with you.I love you bro".

Right,then I slowly came back to reality. I open my eyes and saw doctors and nurses in green clothes.I try to lift my arm but it was like something was weighting it down.I look up at the doctor on my left and tried to talk to him but my throat was too dry.then the doctor on the right of me cut into me.

Well,days past and I got better.vexy stay by my side while the others were,out trying to find my family and tell them that have a brain tumor.then mybe they would come to see me.but the sad thing only my cousin was the only one who came.I heard him say"its okay micheal I'm here now and I'm not leaving okay".

What,he said made me full that whole inside my heart.yeah,yeah cheese uh but its true.ever,since Carson passing I haven't been the same. I open my eyes and saw him with fear in his eyes."victor your here but why?".

"because your apart of this family and if your I'll we should stand by you.not against you...micheal I love you" victor said tears filling his eyes.I saw what he meant and out of nowhere,my head started to hurt.I took my eyes off of victor and look at the ceiling.I guess,some doctors came in because I saw him step back,then my eyes shut like I was sleeping.

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