sam conforts micheal

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"Well...i..."he told me looking down at the,we both walk out of the class and Sam slamed me up against the lockers." what was that for?!"I yelled to him."don't talk to orlando understood!"Sam yelled."you don't tell me who to hang out with!I can be friends with Orlando if I want to!"i yelled in anger.

"There's a reason you can't but if you want be his friends then...,we're done" he told me walking off putting his earbuds in his ears.I turn to the lockers I was push into.then I turn and went to my 3th hour.I notice I had the same my so called friend Sam.I walked I and went to go get my project.

I walk,back to my seat and started on it.Sam walked pass me and gave me a mean look.then I overheard him ask john to be his partner on his project.I understood why I went back to my project.when class ended I went to put my project up I saw Sam high five john.I quickly put down my project and gather my stuff.

Finally, when school was over I got into my car.I was about to drive off when I saw Orlando."can I ride with you?"Orlando ask me.I unlocked the door and Orlando got in."thanks.and whats up with Sam?"Orlando ask.I started the car and out nowhere a truck back up and smash my car into other car.

A piece,of metal ran right into my side.I couldn't move I looked up and told Orlando to get help.then my eyes fludered shut.the guy got out of the truck and prided open my door pull me out.then he help out orlando, he limpped over to me.

"micheal!wake up please!" Orlando yelled shaking my shoulders.then he grabbed my cell and call Sam.the phone rang for a while then he pick up."hellio micheal is this you?are you hurt?"Sam ask."yes,he is I need you please help"Orlando explain.

"What where is he?" Sam ask."he's right here please hurry"Orlando said concerned. When we got to the hospital they once again ran me to the er.some other doctors fix up orlando. I guess,Orlando call my family because I could feel my mom's hand.

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